5 Best Volume Booster Apps for Android to Increase Your Phone’s Volume Beyond Maximum Level

Have you ever found yourself frustrated with the low Volume on your Android device, struggling to hear calls or enjoy your favorite music and videos? You’re not alone. Low phone volume is one of the common issues the majority of phone users face. In this guide, we’ll explore the common reasons behind low volume issues on Android devices and introduce you to some of the best volume booster apps for Android to increase your phone’s volume to maximum. 

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Common Reasons for Phone Low Volume Issue

  1. Phone Settings: Before diving into third-party volume booster apps, ensure that your phone’s volume settings are optimized. Check both the media volume and call volume settings to make sure they are at their maximum.
  2. Dirty or Blocked Speakers: Dust and debris can accumulate in your phone’s speakers, reducing volume output. In this case, follow this guide to clean your phone speakers safely.
  3. Outdated Software: Keeping your Android operating system and apps up to date is crucial for optimal performance, including audio output. Check for system updates and app updates regularly. 
  4. Audio Equalizer Settings: Some apps and devices come with built-in audio equalizers that may be affecting your phone’s volume. Adjust these settings to find the optimal balance for your preference. 

These are a few reasons for low-volume issues on your phone. Filter them out one by one to see if the problem is resolved. If the issue persists, then go on to use one of the volume booster apps from the list.

Best Volume Booster Apps for Android:

With the help of these volume booster apps, you can not only increase the volume of your Android device but also enhance/customize it with available presets and manual tuning.

Note: All of these volume boosters are to be used with extra caution, as they significantly boost the volume. So, using these at high volumes for longer periods might cause hearing problems. 

1. Equalizer FX – Sound Enhancer

Equalizer fx screenshots

This app offers a user-friendly interface and a powerful equalizer to enhance/boost your phone’s volume and customize your audio settings. The application works with music players and audio streaming services like Pandora, Spotify, TuneIn Radio, VK, etc. Simply enable the app, choose a preset, and enjoy enhanced volume on almost all apps. It offers 12 presets that you can apply with just a tap. Also, the app allows you to create your own presets, and offers various sound effects including bass boost, virtualization, and sound balance. The “Loudness Enhancer” option on the “Effects” tab is what you can use to boost the volume. Enable the option and adjust the volume to your needs.

2. Volume Booster GOODEV

Volume booster GOODEV

Known for its simplicity, this free volume booster app allows you to improve your device’s volume without compromising the audio quality. It’s a great solution for those seeking a straightforward volume booster. While it increases the volume of your phone’s speakers or headphones, it can’t increase the call volume. You can use the app only to boost the volume of the music, audiobooks, and movies playing on your phone. In addition, the app also offers an app volume booster that you can use to boost the volume of apps individually. 

3. Precise Volume (+EQ/Booster)

Precise volume app screenshots

This is an excellent choice to override Android’s default volume limit and for fine-tuning the media sounds on your phone easily. It provides precise control over your phone’s volume levels, allowing you to fine-tune each aspect of your audio experience. The app also boosts the call volume of your Android phone (might not work on a few phones). While the free version is enough to boost the volume of your phone beyond the default maximum volume, the pro version unlocks a few more incredible features such as automatic volume, Screen off override, volume control notification, etc.

4. Volume Booster for Android 

Volume booster for Android

With a clean and easy-to-use interface, this app is designed to amplify both media and in-call volumes effectively. You can boost your volumes instantly with this app by just sliding down or sliding up the volume and boosting bars. This is best for those seeking a straightforward volume booster app.

5. Wavelet – Headphone Specific EQ

Wavelet app screenshots

Wavelet is one of the best volume booster apps for headphones that comes with over 3400 precalculated optimizations for headphone models. Depending on your headphone model, you can apply them with a single tap. If you are not satisfied with the premade preset, you can further customize it to your preference. It also offers various audio effects, so you can have a richer sound experience overall. Wavelet can increase the volume of your headphones and restore a balance between the left and right channels, among other things. The app is partially free to download, so try it and upgrade to the premium version if you like it.


Say goodbye to frustrating low volume on your Android device by addressing common issues and exploring the world of volume booster apps. Whether you prefer a simple volume boost or want to fine-tune your audio settings, the apps mentioned above can help you achieve an enhanced audio experience on your Android device. Remember to explore these options responsibly and adjust settings to your preference for an optimal listening experience.

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