Fun Way to Discover New Music on Spotify for Free

Fun Way to Discover New Music on Spotify for Free

Spotify with its vast library of songs and diverse playlists, is a treasure trove for music enthusiasts. Yet, with millions of tracks at your fingertips, discovering new music can be a daunting task. Fear not, as this guide will teach you a fun way to discover new music on Spotify for free.

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Discover New Music on Spotify Using Swipefy for Spotify 

This brand-new app is specially made for those who struggle to discover new music on Spotify. It lets you find new songs on Spotify in a fun way (Tinder way).

Spotify already does an excellent job helping you discover new songs. However, the best part of most songs – ones that are most loved by the listeners lies in the song’s chorus. Most music listeners judge a song by listening to the first few seconds. But this app lets us listen to the best part of a song so that we can make a decision quickly. Let’s know how to use Swipefy to discover new music on Spotify and also look at what else it offers for Spotify users.

Swipefy for Spotify screenshots

The first step is connecting your Spotify account to the app. You then get new music suggestions in the form of cards. These cards show you the album art of the songs while the best part of the song is being played for you to make a quick decision. If you like the song, swipe right on the card, swipe left if you don’t like it, and swipe the card down to skip the track, or you can also simply tap on the buttons displayed below the cards. 

Swipefy for Spotify filters

In addition, you can also discover new music based on various genres. The app offers multiple filters that you can use to filter new music suggestions so that the app will only recommend new music to your taste. You can also manually search for your favorite artists, songs, and genres. 

In the collections tab, you can find the history of your entire swipe activity. All of your liked songs, disliked songs, and skipped songs can be found separately in the collections tab. The best part of the app is that all of the songs you liked will be directly added to the liked songs playlist on Spotify if you are a premium user of this app.

sync swipefy to spotify for free

However, even though you are a free user of Swipefy, you can sync your liked songs to your Spotify account. You can create collections and name them as you want. All the songs you liked will be added to these collections, and you can find them automatically on your Spotify account. 

  • To sync the collections, navigate to collections. 
  • Tap on any collection you want to sync to your Spotify playlists. 
  • Tap on the Manage sync option. 
  • And enable “Sync to Spotify Playlist”.

Note: The free version allows you to create only one collection. Upgrade to the pro version to be able to create as many collections as you want.

Swipefy for Spotify settings

Furthermore, you can add your friends and share your favorite newly discovered songs with them through Swipefy, edit your Swipefy profile with a cool username and bio, and enhance your focus on the music by hiding the cover art, titles, and artists when you swipe, customize the app’s layout and content along with the app’s language and theme.

Wrapping Up 

Navigating the expansive musical landscape on Spotify can be an exhilarating journey with the right tools. Swipefy for Spotify is one of the best tools to discover new music on Spotify in a fun way. You can not only easily discover new music but also seamlessly sync your new favorite songs to Spotify and take your playlist on the go. Whether you’re hitting the gym, embarking on a road trip, or chilling at home, your personalized soundtrack is just a tap away. Elevate your listening experience and let the music be your companion. Happy listening!

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