7 Best New Android Apps June 2023

7 Best New Android Apps June 2023

Google Play Store features new Android apps every month, but it’s a tough task for an average user to find those new apps on the Play Store on their own. That’s why we plan to write a list of the best free new Android apps every month to keep you updated with the latest apps for Android. In this post, you will know about the top 7 best new Android apps to download in June 2023.

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New Android Apps June 2023

1. Frequaw 

The first one of the best new Android apps to try in June 2023 is a handy Android customization app, that provides app icons sorted by the parameters like most used, most launched, and recently used. You can sort them however you want on the widget, You can also customize the widget’s attributes including the widget size, icon size, background color, gap between icons, and stuff. 

[appbox googleplay screenshots com.jujinkim.frequaw&hl=en-IN]

You can even filter or block any app that you don’t want to be shown on the widget. With the pro version, you can also apply different icon packs. It’s a useful app overall, so give it a try. 

2. Weatherian

The next one is a unique and minimal weather forecast app that displays the basic weather information you need on the screen at a glance. It shows the weather forecast of up to 9 days ahead in a single graph as you can see. The weather data is sourced from multiple providers using different forecast models from around the world. You can choose the most accurate source for you.

[appbox googleplay screenshots com.weatherian&hl=en-IN]

The app by default shows the weather data of your current location, but you can also add any city manually and switch between them easily with just a tap. As mentioned above, It’s minimal, so it doesn’t display the extra weather info that you see on other famous weather apps.

3. VoiceGPT

[appbox googleplay screenshots gpt.voice.chatgpt&hl=en-IN]

The next one is a voice-integrated chat GPT app that takes your voice commands and speaks out to you according to your voice prompts. It uses Chat GPT and Dall-E to provide AI text responses and images. The app supports a handful of languages and also offers a few other functions. You can make use of the pre-made prompts and also create your own commands as you want. It’s simple, easy to use, and partially free to use, but you need to log in to your open AI account to use this. 

4. TonDo keyboard 

This one is probably the most unique Android keyboard ever. You get 6 joystick circles, instead of the usual layout with each circle having a few letters around it. You’ll have to move the joystick toward the letters you wanna type. It seems tough to master typing on this keyboard initially, and it definitely may affect your typing speed, but it’s a fun and unique way to type.

[appbox googleplay screenshots com.foschia.tondokeyboard&hl=en-IN]

In addition, you get a cursor controller that you can use to move the cursor to anywhere on the screen easily, you get emojis integrated, and there are also cut, copy and paste buttons including the clipboard option. Overall, it looks good and is working fine.

5. Bluetooth audio connectivity widget

This nifty app lets you connect and disconnect to your connected Bluetooth devices such as headsets, speakers, and other devices with just a click from the home screen without you having to navigate to any setting on your phone. All you need to do is install the app, add the dedicated widget for any particular device that you connect to often via Bluetooth, and then just tap on it to connect and disconnect. The widget’s color tells you whether you are connected to that particular device or not.

[appbox googleplay screenshots com.tom.bluetoothDevicesWidget&hl=en-IN]

The widget also shows basic information like the device’s name, its remaining charge, and the Bluetooth profile. Furthermore, you can customize the widget to play the music automatically on selected apps when you connect to any device, you can set fixed volume levels for different Bluetooth devices, and of course, you can adjust the size of the widgets. so give it a try if you use Bluetooth connections often.

6. My link manager 

[appbox googleplay screenshots com.michaelflisar.linkmanager&hl=en-IN]

This one is an app for organizing and managing your web browser bookmarks. This is a great app for you, if you use a web browser that doesn’t support bookmarks or that doesn’t allow you to sync them to a new device. Using the app is pretty simple. You put your links in there, organize them, and retrieve them when needed. There is an import and export function as well, so you can back them up. It also doesn’t require Internet access, making it a fully offline app. 

7. Wallwow 

Next, we have an amazing wallpaper app that not only offers high-quality wallpapers of various categories but also allows you to customize and create wallpapers with these available options. You can create vector wallpapers using these huge bunch of icons of various categories. You can change their colors, alter their size, and adjust the position to your taste. Once created, you can either download it to your device or set it on the screen directly from the app.

[appbox googleplay screenshots com.wallwow.wallpapers&hl=en-IN]

Similarly, you can create gradient wallpapers with various color combinations, grab the color codes of all colors involved in any wallpaper, and the app also allows you to set any of your videos as live wallpapers. The app also offers a unique live wallpaper called disco wallpaper, which can further be customized the way you want and set as a live wallpaper for free. It’s a nice one overall. 

Wrapping up

Well, those are the best new Android apps to download in June 2023. I hope you found the post informative and give some of these a try if not all. Meanwhile, if you think I missed any app, leave it in the comment section, and I will try it and feature it if it’s good enough. That’s it for this month, see you soon, Thanks for reading!

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