3 Unique best Android lock screen apps that are hard to bypass in 2024.

Android lock screen has evolved many times over the years, and it is an important part of any smartphone’s security system. We have seen various screen lock methods such as password lock, pattern lock, fingerprint lock, face ID lock, etc. Any of these screen locks is probably enough to protect your phone from being accessed by others.

But if you want to lock your Android phone uniquely and more securely, and make it even harder for those who try to unlock your phone in your absence, then keep on reading to learn about the top 3 unique Android lock screen apps that are not at all easy for anyone to break into your phone without your permission. 

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The Best Secure Android Lock Screen Apps That Are Hard to Bypass 

1. Knock Lock Screen

Touch Position Password 

The first secure Android lock screen app allows you to set certain touch positions on the lock screen’s wallpaper as the password to unlock your Phone’s screen. Your screen won’t be unlocked until you tap on the spots in the same order you set. This makes it hard for anyone to figure out how to unlock your phone.

For this, you need to download an app called Knock Lock. Download the app from the Play Store, install it, allow required permissions, enable the screen lock option, and choose the Knock lock option. 

Here, your phone screen is divided into 4 sections(A, B, C, D). You need to tap on these 4 sections in any order you want. For instance, A, D, B, and C is my sequence. Re-tap the same areas in the same sequence and confirm it to set it as the unlock method. 

lock any android phone with touch position password

Now to unlock your phone’s screen, you have to tap on the same areas in the same order. You can further customize the lock screen to your convenience. You can change the touch area positions for your convenience, set custom lock screen wallpapers etcetera. 

The app also allows you to lock your apps in the same manner, plus you can also set fake templates with “error messages” to fool anyone who tries to access your apps. 

Time Password 

The above-shown app also offers another secure way to lock your phone by letting you set the current time as the password. To unlock your phone, you will have to type in the current time. The app makes the password even harder by letting you pick two more random numbers to add to the current time. 

Whenever you want to unlock your phone, you will have to enter the time you see on the lock screen along with the two random numbers you choose. As the time changes every minute, your password also changes every minute. So, it’ll be hard for anyone to unlock your phone without your knowledge. 

Knock lock screen current time password

To set it, open the same (previous) app, choose the screen lock type as time lock, and enter any two numbers( For example, 25). Now your password will be these two numbers, followed by the current time. Let’s say the time now is, 01:36, then the password to unlock the screen will be, 250136. As you get a new password every minute, nobody will be able to access your phone unless you tell them the secret. This app not only lets you lock your phone but also allows you to lock any app using the same techniques. 

2. Oops! App Lock (K Note)

Lock/Unlock your phone with volume keys

This is probably the most unique lock screen app for Android that doesn’t require you to touch your phone’s screen to unlock your phone. You can unlock your phone by pressing the volume buttons in the order you set. This may be the hardest for anyone to figure out how you unlocked your phone. 

To use your volume keys as a password, you need to download an app called oops app lock. Using the app, you can lock your phone screen as well as your apps. All you need to do is, launch the app, and press your volume buttons in any order you want. The down arrow indicates the volume down button, up arrow is for the volume up. 

unlock your phone with volume keys unique pattern

After setting up the pattern, the app will be relaunched on its own as a note-taking app. You have to press your volume button pattern to unlock the app. Now, navigate to the screen lock window, and enable the screen. That’s it! from now onwards you’ll have to use your volume buttons to unlock your phone. 

You can even set custom and transparent backgrounds to fool your friends by making your phone look like it’s frozen. All in all, it’s a safe and unique screen lock app to confuse others and protect your privacy at the same time.

You can use all these unique screen lock apps with the default screen lock of your phone for extra security. 

3. Picture password 

This unique Android lock screen app is probably the hardest for anyone to bypass as it needs you to drag and drop a particular number to a particular position on the lock screen’s wallpaper to unlock your phone. Isn’t it the hardest for anyone to figure out your Android lock screen’s password?

To set the app up, first, choose any image from the available bunch, and select any random number. On the next slide, you need to bring the chosen number to any spot on the wallpaper and confirm that position by again dragging it to the same spot. 

picture plus number password

Next, set a simple password, which can be used to unlock the screen if you ever forget the position password. And that’s it! from now onwards, your phone won’t be unlocked until and unless you drag that particular number to that particular spot. 

It’s one unique way to confuse others who try to unlock your phone without your permission.


Overall, there are many great highly customizable Android lock screen apps available on the Google Play Store, but choosing a secure screen lock app from them is always a difficult task. With the above-shown apps, you can increase the security of your smartphone by locking it in the most unique way possible protecting it from unauthorized access. 

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