3 Best Android Cache Cleaners To Clear The Cache On Android All At Once

Have you ever wanted to clear the cache on Android all at once with a single click and are unsure what Android cache cleaner to use? If so, this is the guide you have been searching for, where you will learn about the 3 Best Android cache cleaners to clear the cache on Android all at once. 

You don’t have to clear the Android cache, since modern Android phones are smart enough to take care of the cache issues. However, it is recommended to clear the Android cache every few months to clear up your phone’s storage and resolve other performance issues. 

Google Play Store and other external app sources on the internet offer a lot of Android cache cleaners or phone cleaner apps, but not all of them are reliable and some of them could be dangerous to your device and personal data. So, dodge those shady cache cleaners and use one of these 3 best Android cache cleaners to clear the cache all at once with a single click.

3 Best Android Cache Cleaners

1. Cache Cleaner 

The first app on the list is Cache Cleaner which probably is the number one Android cache cleaner to clear the cache on Android all at once with a single click. The app’s interface is clean and easy to navigate. The app divides all your apps into 3 categories – User Apps, System Apps, and All Apps.

Using the app, you can either clear all the cache of only user apps at once, clear the cache of only system apps, or clear the cache of all apps at once with a single click. The app sorts all your apps by cache data size, and you can also see the size of each app’s cache data to know which apps occupy more space and clear them accordingly. 

Step-by-step guide on how to clear the cache on Android all at once using cache cleaner.

Best cache cleaner for android cache cleaner app

2. 1 Tap cleaner 

As the name suggests, this also lets you clear the cache on Android all at once with one tap. But it is comparably slower than the Cache Cleaner app. Nonetheless, it makes up for its slowness by offering multiple tools. You can see all the tools on the app’s home screen. It not only clears the cache but also the history (System-wide browser’s history records), cleans your calls/texts, cleans your default app settings, and also cleans your external SD card.

Best android cache cleaner1 Tap Cleaner

The app lets you have full power over how you want to clear the cache of your apps. You can either clear the cache of apps category-wise or clear the cache of all apps at once. The app can be easily accessible from your home screen using the app’s dedicated widget that shows the cache and available size. You can even set a threshold cache size to let the app clean the cache automatically when the cache size surpasses that limit. How useful is that!

If you don’t want the app to clean the cache automatically, you can just set alert notifications to be notified by the app when the cache data crosses a certain limit, then you can manually delete the cache in the app. Overall, the app is feature-rich and very easy to use but the free version of the app comes with ads, you are going to need to get the pro version or follow this guide to get rid of them.

3. SD maid

SD maid is one of the best cache cleaners for Android that’s been there for quite a long time and is still a favorite cache cleaner to many users. One of the reasons for its longevity is its contemporary minimal design that’s been upgraded many times over the years. 

It is more powerful and feature-rich than the other apps mentioned in the list. The app can act as a full-fledged file manager that lets you browse your whole device to check all files and manage them. You can remove unnecessary files from your Android device using the app, use the app as an app manager, and manage installed apps and System apps, also you can delete files and empty folders that formerly belonged to uninstalled apps.

Best android cache cleaner SD maid

Not just that, the app also allows you to search your files by date, name, or content. Since it has a detailed overview of your entire device, it can detect duplicate files (pictures, music files, videos, and documents), So you can delete them all with a single tap easily to clear the storage space. You can also set schedules to run the cleaning tools automatically or via a dedicated widget from your home screen.

Are cache cleaners safe to use?

Modern Android phones are smart enough to look after caching issues on their own. This means you don’t need to use any third-party cache cleaners. But if you have to use one for some reason, then use any one of the recommended cache cleaners from the list as they are tested, safe, and used by millions around the world. Not all cache cleaners you find on the internet are safe.

Wrapping up 

it’s that easy to clear the cache on Android all at once with a single click. However, it’s not recommended to clear the cache often if you are not having storage issues or any other performance issues. Also, don’t use every phone cleaner or cache cleaner app you come across on the Play Store and anywhere else.

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