15 Best Ad-Free Offline Music Apps For Android You Didn’t Know Existed

15 Best Ad-Free Offline Music Apps For Android

Want to play music on your phone without an active internet connection or Wi-Fi? Here are the best ad-free offline music apps for Android you didn’t know existed in 2024. Music is an integral part of our lives, and with the advantage of smartphones, we have access to our favorite tunes whenever and wherever we want. However, dealing with intrusive ads while enjoying your favorite songs can be a major buzzkill. And at times, when you are traveling, it’s not always possible to have an active internet connection. That’s where ad-free offline music apps come to the rescue. In this post, we’ll explore the best options for Android users to enjoy uninterrupted music without an active internet connection. 

NOTE: A few apps mentioned below may show you partial ads, but don’t worry, you can block ads on all music apps easily with this guide

Best Offline Music Players Without Ads For Android

App NameSizeRatingDownloadsPrice
Metro 5 – 10 MB4★UnknownFree (open-source).
Mezzo4.4 MB4.3★5,00,000+Free, Pay to get rid of ads.
Eon11 MB4.5★5,00,000+Free, optional premium upgrade.
Flowie11 MB4.6★1,00,000+Free, Upgrade to remove ads.
Music 7 pro25 MB4.3★10,00,000+Free.
Dub Music Player14 MB4.2★50,000,000+Free with partial ads.
N7 Music Player 10 MB4.2★10,000,000+Free with in-app purchases.
Salt7 MB4.5★10,000+Free with in-app purchases.
Music Player Mp315 MB4.2★1,00,000,000+Free, Upgrade to remove ads.
NRG Music Player12 MB4.4★10,000,000+Free with in-app purchases.
Muso25 MB4.5★10,000,000+Free with in-app purchases.
The Phoenix Project14 MB4.9★1,000+Free.
Vanilla2 MBEarly Access1,00,000+Free.
Hole Player15 MB4.0★50,000+Free with ads.
Namida30 MB4.5★UnknownFree (open-source).

1. Metro

Metro open source music player

Metro is an open-source, clean, simple-looking, and feature-rich Android music player app for Android that follows the material you design. Along with all the essential features such as playlist support, a sleep timer, a song filter, lyric support, a tag editor, etc., you get over 10 now playing screen themes. Both paid and free. One of the themes named “Color” gives you a cool color spread animation when you play the next or previous song. That’s one standout feature that made me feature this music player in the list. Barring that, it’s a regular offline music player app without ads.

Key Features

  • Folder browser.
  • Home screen widgets.
  • Auto-download artists’ images from
  • Open-source and Ad-free.

2. Mezzo Music Player 

Mezzo music player

The mezzo music player is also a minimal and clutter-free music player that’s unique in its way. The now playing screen is minimal but looks beautiful by blurring the album art and offering a waveform seek bar of which the color can be changed as per your taste. If you swipe right on the screen, you can access all your songs, playlists, favorites, and albums and also play songs folder-wise. In addition, you get a 5-band equalizer with bass boost and surround sound support along with a bunch of premade presets, a sleep timer, lyric support, a song filter by duration, and more. Having mentioned that It is minimal, so don’t expect an extensive set of features.

Key Features

  • Playback speed control.
  • SongMetadata editor.
  • Set as Ringtone feature.

3. Eon Music Player 

Eon music player

Eon Music Player is also a simple-looking, feature-rich ad-free Android music player app. It’s one of the best offline music apps for Android that follows the material design and comes with a bottom navigation bar, unlike most music player apps. You can decide what to be shown on the home screen, and also rearrange the order to your preference. The UI is pretty neat and easy to navigate. The now playing screen is minimal but offers all the essential options right under your thumb.

And the app also offers 16 playing screen skins both paid and free. It is a minimal-looking offline music player but feature-rich as well as customizable. You get all the essential features such as all-format audio support, playlist support, a sleep timer, a song filter by folder, and many more. Overall, it’s neat, minimal, and above all, it’s ad-free.

Key Features

  • All audio formats support.
  • Clean and clutter-free material design.
  • Audio equalizer.

4. Flowie Music Player

Flowie music player

Flowie Music Player is one of the coolest-looking offline music apps for Android of all time, because of its immaculate and aesthetic interface combined with snappy controls, sheer sound quality, and super smooth animations. It’s got everything covered. The now playing screen is what you see when you launch the music player. You need to swipe down to see your tracks queue and swipe up to access your entire audio library.

The app even supports gestures, so you can simply long press and swipe on the screen to adjust the volume, seek your songs, and swipe left and right on the screen for the next and previous tracks. Having mentioned that it covers all areas including customization, so you get many themes and 8-player skins that you can use to customize the music app the way you like it for free.

Yes! You’ve read it right. All of them are free. Along with all the required features, the app lets you use your phone’s proximity and accelerometer sensors to control your music playback without touching your phone. All in all, I love this offline music app and am sure you will love it too if you try it.

Key Features

  • Beautiful interface.
  • Lock screen controls with album art support.
  • Gesture support. 
  • Stylish themes.

5. Music 7Pro

Music 7 pro

If you are looking for a highly customizable and visually impressive free offline music player app with a good feature set, then give this one a try. It offers a few ready-to-use themes, both paid and free along with a few more customization options that you can use to change the entire look of the music player including the font, font size and color, and even the song list appearance. 

Even though its main aim is to give us a visually different music player experience, it doesn’t lack features. You get support for all audio formats, playlist support, a sleep timer, an equalizer, a duplicate song finder, and more. It’s good, but you might need some time to get used to the interface and the app lags now and then. So try it and see how it’s working for you. 

Key Features

  • Unique design and interface.
  • Free themes.
  • All format audio support.

6. Dub Music Player

Dub music player

Dub Music Player is one of the classic offline music apps for Android that comes with a classic visualizer and offers over 10 beautiful themes that are free to use. The realistic button layout is what makes this music player stand out from others. It has a handy volume controller along with the usual controls, and from the now-playing screen, you can access all your audio files and sort them in the way you like.

The 5-band equalizer can also be accessed from here as well, so you can enjoy your audio with various sound effects. In addition, you get a sleep timer, a crossfade, and a song filter. Overall, it’s a classic music player with classic designs that you should try.

Key Features

  • Music visualizations.
  • Home screen widgets.
  • 11 realistic themes.

7. N7 Music Player

N7 player music player

This free offline Android music player is an intuitive and one of its kind music app that has an innovative way to browse your music. You can access your whole music library on the homepage in a user-friendly and intuitive interface controlled by simple gestures. Unlike other music player apps, this one only displays the titles of the artists or genres of your music files on the home page instead of a regular list. To see the album art, you can either tap on the title or zoom in on the screen with your fingers.

It’s one unique and fun feature that I have never seen on any Android music player app. The player is not just about this, it comes with almost all essential features such as gapless playback, playlist support, support for almost all audio formats, tag editing, Chromecast, a ten-band equalizer etcetera. It is for you if you are looking for a unique and feature-rich offline music player.

Key Features

  • Unique interface.
  • High-quality audio.
  • All audio formats support.
  • Full-featured 10-band equalizer

8. Salt Player

Salt music player

Salt Player is one of the cleanest offline music apps for Android that’s ad-free. The UI is pretty neat and easy to navigate. The now-playing screen is minimal but beautiful in its own way. Along with the usual controls, I like how the album art gets blurred in the background. As mentioned, it’s minimal, but you get all the essential features such as playlist support, almost all format audio support, floating lyric support, a sleep timer, an equalizer with custom presets for different earphones, and many more. Overall, it’s neat, minimal, and most importantly, it’s ad-free. So give it a shot.

Key Features

  • Adaptive sampling.
  • Minimal interface.
  • Ad-free.

9. Music Player – MP3 Player

Music player mp3 player

Music player mp3 player is meant for those who prefer colorful UI and visualizations. You can simply tap the album art to switch between various available visualizations. The major color of the album art will be the color of the visualizer. In addition, you get lyric support and various sound effects including 3d rotation and surround sound.

The app supports all audio formats and has a beautiful 20-band equalizer which is very powerful with added effects including bass effects, reverb, sound balancer, and more. Its theming engine is very powerful and allows you to fully customize the look and feel of the music app from colorful backgrounds to visualizers and animations.

Other than that, it has all the usual features such as shaking your phone to play the next song, crossfade, gapless playback, etc., but it does run ads and you will have to unlock the pro-version to get rid of them, or you can simply follow the simple guide written above to block ads on any Android phone easily.

Key Features

  • Colorful UI and visualizations.
  • Lyric support.
  • 20-band equalizer with added effects

10. NRG Music Player 

NRG music player

NRG music player is one of the coolest looking offline music apps for Android that comes with a handful of coolest skins and offers great sound quality which makes even the low-quality audio sound better. Unlike other music player apps, the home screen doesn’t show the default full list of media. The only way to listen to the songs is by creating a playlist. Just tap on add and add songs.

You can add all songs at once too. Talking about the now playing screen interface, You can simply tap the toggle to switch between album art and playlist. Most music players have the “add to favorites” options but this one comes with a precise star rating system for songs, and you can also sort your songs by the ratings given by you. I feel the overall playlist management is easier than other apps and if you long press on any song, you get a few more options such as removing it from the list, adding lyrics, editing tags, setting it as a ringtone, etc. And you get 5 skins out of which 2 are free to use.

You can further customize the skins to your taste by applying different colors. In addition, you get a 10-band equalizer with sound effects and inbuilt presets to enhance your listening experience, and the app lets you use your volume buttons to play previous and next songs. Even though the app was last updated in 2018, I haven’t faced any issues using it so far. 

Key Features

  • Superior sound quality.
  • Cool skins.
  • Easy playlist management.

11. Offline Music MP3 Player – Muso

Muso offline mp3 music player

Muso is not only a simple but one of the good-looking offline music apps for Android. Along with the basic essential features, you get a cool playing screen with lyric support and you can also set the visualizer to be displayed on the lock screen while you listen to the music. The free MP3 player also allows you to set any image as the background. It is one of the simplest music apps for Android that doesn’t offer many customization options other than just playing your songs.

Key Features

  • Visualizations on lock screen.
  • Limited features.

12. The Phoenix Project – Awaken

The phoenix project app screenshots

This is an elegant offline free music player for Android that is open-source, which means it’s completely ad-free. The glass morphism design makes the music player look so cool and it’s customizable to some extent as well. You can alter its blur, opacity, and shadow along with other subtle visual effects. If we talk about the features, it comes with lyric support, you can create playlists, and the app makes your phone’s flashlight blink as a visualizer while the music is being played.

By long pressing on any song, you can set any part of the song as a ringtone directly from the app, and it also lets you edit the details of songs. Overall, It doesn’t offer as many features as the popular music players. So if you are looking for a basic visually appealing ad-free offline music player, then go for it.

Key Features

  • Coolest interface
  • Open-source.
  • It lets you use your phone’s flashlight as a visualizer

13. Vanilla Music Player

Vanilla music player screenshots

Vanilla is one of the cleanest offline music apps for Android I’ve come across of late. It’s ad-free and follows the material you design, which is why the app’s interface is pretty neat and easy to navigate. The now-playing screen is minimal but beautiful in its way. The music player is minimal as mentioned, but you get essential features such as playlist support, song metadata editing support, lyric support which is not working right now, a 5-band equalizer, and the app’s appearance is also customizable to some extent with different color palettes.

One feature I like is that we can hide the tracks we don’t want to listen to with just a click. You can unhide them in the media store settings of the app. Overall, it’s neat, minimal, visually aesthetic, and most importantly, it’s ad-free.

Key Features

  • Cleanest material you interface that is customizable.
  • Hide tracks.

14. Namida

Namida music player screenshots

Namida is an open-source free music player and is one of the best-looking offline music apps for Android I’ve ever used. It not only looks great but also comes with a huge set of features that you can use to fine-tune every micro detail of the music player. You can customize the overall vibe of the theme with various available color and animation effects, manage how the music album library should look, customize the behavior of the music player overall, and many more. There is no need to mention that the app offers all essential features such as playlist support, sleep timer, excluding certain folders and files, tag editor, and many more.

You can also use the app to have an ad-free YouTube experience right here in the app. As of now, you can’t sign in to your YouTube account, you can only search manually for YouTube videos, and the YouTube stuff is a little buggy. So, overall as a music player, it’s good, but it still needs some work to be done.

Key Features

  • Gorgeous interface with cool animations.
  • Highly customizable.
  • Feature-rich.

15. Hole Player – Music & Radio

Hole player screenshots

This free offline music player lets you listen to the music files saved on your device offline as well as online radio. You can listen to the popular radio stations of any country for free. The app has the radio stations of all music categories and genres sorted for you by default. You can stream any station for free, and bookmark your favorite stations.

The app’s interface is not modern, but if you want a free offline music player plus a radio player, this is the one for you. You can listen to the files of almost all formats, create playlists, and use the built-in equalizer to enhance the sound. Barring those features, being a lightweight music player, it doesn’t offer much.

Key Features

  • Offline player and online radio player.
  • Bookmark your favorite radio stations.


Enjoying music on your Android device without annoying ads is possible, thanks to these ad-free offline music apps. Whether you need simple offline mp3 players like Salt player, Eon player, Metro music player, or visually impressive customizable offline music apps like Flowie music player, Music 7 pro, or Dub music player, there’s a solution to suit your preference. Take your pick, download your favorite songs, and relish the uninterrupted musical journey on your Android device. Happy listening!

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