Top 7 Best New Android Apps for November 2023

It’s that time of the month again when you search the internet for exciting new Android apps to enhance your Android experience. This month’s list covers apps that help you to be productive, discover new music, edit your videos for free, and more and I’m sure you’ll love this month’s best New Android apps. 

Google Play Store features hundreds of new Android apps every month, but it takes a lot of work for an average user to find the best Android apps from such a huge bunch of newly released apps on the Play Store on their own. That’s why we plan to write a list of the best Android apps every month to keep you updated with the latest apps for Android. In this post, you will learn about the top 7 best New Android apps for November 2023.

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New Android Apps November 2023

1. Bring Me

Bring me screenshots

This app is going to come in handy for you if you have the habit of forgetting the items you carry. The items like Keys, Wallets, Passports, Eyeglasses, etc. It lets you log the items you carry as a list. You can add as many items as you want. Once added, tap on the with me button, so that the app can save the time and location where you confirmed that the item is with you. Now, when you go away from that location, you’ll be notified by the app asking whether you are carrying your items on your way back. It’s a simple app but comes in handy.

2. Image Toolbox (Resizer)

Image tools screenshots

This amazing open-source app is a single destination for all the image tools you ever need. With the tools the app offers, you can do anything with your images from image resizing, applying filters, changing the image format, combining multiple images, image comparing, compressing, image cropping to exif data editing, and many more.

In addition, you also get a color picker that you can use to get the color code of any color shade involved in any image. You can actually spend a few minutes exploring all these image tools and none of them is overly complicated. The UI of the app is clean, it follows the material you design and the animations are smooth as well. The developer seems to have put some work into the making of this incredible app. So, give it a shot.

3. X-Core UI

Xcore ui screenshots

This cool Android app transforms your boring phone’s interface into a futuristic hacking-style interface in a second. It’s not just about the great visual effects, but also the added sound effects and the ability to interact with the graphics making it an incredible Android launcher. You can run inbuilt commands that open up these random tabs for a legit hacking UI feel. You can find the commands in the app’s description on the Play Store. Talking about the UI, the app offers many unique hacker themes of various styles that you can apply for free by watching a video ad. Besides the visuals, the app offers basic features you would expect from any launcher. So, try it if you want to have a unique visual experience on your phone.

4. Folder in Folder

Folder in folder screenshots

This is an amazing app organizer that lets you organize your apps into folders and subfolders, So, you can access all of them in one place with a single click instead of keeping them all over your home screen. To add folders on the home screen, All you need to do is, launch the app, Create your folders, and add your apps into them. You can create as many folders and subfolders as you want, and add them to the home screen for quick access. The app also comes with icon pack support, so you can have the icons matching your theme. it’s a must-have app to organize your app folders in a better and clutter-free way.

5. Notification Dictionary

Notification dictionary screenshots

You can use this interesting app to know the meaning of any word as a notification. You simply select the word you want to know the meaning of, tap on three dots, and then tap on the Notification Dictionary option. That’s it! You’ll get the meaning of it as a notification. By clicking on the notification, you can see the rest of the details and other meanings of the word, and of course, you can manually search for the meaning of any word on the app. The app works offline as well, so get it.

6. Gradia Icon Pack

Gradia icon pack screenshots

This is a brand new icon pack that sports a colorful gradient look with line style. You get over 3700 distinct colorful gradient icons beautifully designed with white outlines. The app also offers a few wallpapers that match the icons, and you can request for missing icons as well. I got the pack for free when it’s on sale, so go ahead and get it if it’s available for free.

7. Countdown Widget 

Countdown widget screenshots

This is not a new app, but a very useful one if you need help with remembering dates or deadlines, such as your anniversary date, assignment deadline, friend’s birthday, etc. To add it as a widget, long press on the home screen, tap on the countdown Widget, set the deadline or date, give it a title, choose how you want the countdown to be displayed, and save the changes to add the widget to the home screen.

That’s it! it’ll be there on the home screen for you so you won’t forget about your important date. You can have as many countdowns as you want like this, and edit them anytime. The free version has some limitations, so try it out and be the judge.

Wrapping up

Well, these were the best New Android apps for November 2023. We hope you found the post informative and give some of these a try if not all. Meanwhile, if you think we missed any app, leave it in the comment section, and we will try it and feature it if it’s good enough. That’s it for this month, see you soon, Thanks for reading!

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