53 Best Android Apps Not Available On The Play Store 2024

Google Play Store is the biggest and official app store for all Android devices to download apps and games. It features an extensive collection of apps and games, but it doesn’t feature many useful apps that can help you unlock the superpowers of your Android device. This is due to the strict policies and guidelines of Google.

It’s not always possible for app developers to comply with the privacy policies and guidelines of Google all the time, hence such apps are not found on the Play Store. Well don’t worry, this post helps you find such unknown best Android apps not available on the Play Store in 2024 that help you unlock the full potential of your Android device.

Note: To install apps from external sources, you must enable downloads from “unknown sources”. 

To enable it, go to Settings > Security> Unknown sources and enable it. 

Then you will be able to install apps from external sources without issues. However, install apps only from trusted sources like F-Droid, GitHub, apk mirror, etc. to avoid your phone getting viruses and malicious malware.

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53 Best Android Apps Not Available On The Play Store – 2024

1. Inner Tune

Innertune app screenshots

Innertune is an open-source YouTube music player similar to vi Music but has a traditional UI with a bottom navigation bar. You can filter the music based on multiple factors such as new releases, multiple moods and genres, languages, and countries and stream online for free. You can also add your favorite songs to your library and the app also has playlist support.

And yes you can even download them to your storage to listen to them offline. It’s pretty straightforward with no-nonsense, so try it out if you dislike vi music’s UI.

2. Data Monitor

Data monitor app screenshots

Data Monitor is a free open-source tool that lets you track and manage your mobile and wifi data usage in one place. Apart from being able to measure your data traffic and analyze app-wise data usage, you can also keep track of your Internet speed at a glance. It not only shows the speed on your status bar and notification bar but also on the lock screen, so you don’t even have to unlock your phone to check the speed of your current connection.

In addition, you get a widget for data usage tracking, you can set data usage alerts, run network diagnostics, etc. So try it out to manage everything about your internet usage.

3. Mute Reminder 

Mute reminder app screenshots

Have you ever played media on your phone thinking the media volume was on mute and regretted it later when you heard the sound out loud? I keep my phone on silent mode most of the time, but sometimes I accidentally play media on my phone thinking the media volume is on mute even when it’s not. If it’s something that happens to you often, then this app might help.

It shows a sticky notification if the ringtone is muted but not the media volume. The notification will stay in the notification bar until you mute the media volume. It’s simple but definitely might save you from embarrassment. 

4. Saikou 

saikou app screenshot
saikou app screenshot 2

If you are a fan of anime and manga, then this is a must-have app because you get both anime and manga in one place. The interface of the app is minimal and you can find almost any anime and manga in its massive library. You can filter the shows and comics by genre and ranking and you get multiple servers of different qualities in which you can enjoy your favorite anime instantly or you can add them to your favorite list for later watch.

And of course, you can also download them to watch offline. The app offers both dubbed anime in English and subtitles with the original Japanese audio. It’s a nice app overall, and you must have it if you are an anime and manga fan.

5. Show YouTube Dislikes

Show youtube dislikes app screenshots

We all know that YouTube made dislike count to private which was one of the best ways to figure out if a video is worth your time or not. Well, there’s a Chrome plugin to view the dislike count on computers. With this nifty app, you can now watch dislike count for any video on your Android phone too. All you need to do is, either paste the video link in the app or share that particular YouTube video link with this app to get the estimated dislike count and rating of the video.

6. Leon

Leon app screenshots

Many websites we visit online use tracking elements to mark our online activity. All that tracking code is not necessary for a website to be displayed or work correctly and can therefore be removed. That’s exactly what Leon does. It removes tracking and other unnecessary elements from a URL before you share it with anyone, to ensure the privacy of you and the receiver of the link. So, before sharing any link with anyone, just share it with this app to remove any obsolete parameters automatically and then share the cleaned URL with anyone from here.

7. Twire

Twire app screenshots

If you want to watch live streams on Twitch without a Twitch account, then get this app. It’s an open source, ad-free Twitch browser and stream player for Android using which you can watch live streams of popular games and streams for free. In addition, you can select multiple themes and also log in with your Twitch account if you want to chat on the app. And of course, you can follow your favorite Twitch streamers on the app.

8. DroidIfy

Droidify app screenshots

Droidify is an unofficial f Droid client for open-source apps. You must be wondering why this is when we have FDroid, right? Well, it looks a bit different from f Droid with materialistic UI, and also its response is faster than f Droid because it doesn’t have unnecessary animations and stuff.

It’s a cool open-source app repository that’s very smooth and faster than F-Droid where you have all your installed open-source apps organized in one place. And of course, you get a huge updated library of open-source apps of different categories to install and also you can update those installed apps with just a click right here in the app.

9. Material Files

Material files app screenshots

Material Files is a lightweight, simple, open-source, and secured file manager that makes navigating and file managing easier. The app has a clean interface with material you support and you get all the basic features. Along with the usuals, a special feature allows you to open multiple windows at a time. This comes in handy when you are moving files between folders.

One more handy feature is that you can create shortcuts for any file on the home screen for quick access. It’s very minimal and secure. So, get it, if you have trust issues with other free file managers. 

10. Upgrade All

Upgrade all apk app screenshots

We comfortably install apps from various sources on our phones, but we don’t get notified when there is an update available for the apps installed from other popular websites such as GitHub. This app could be a solution to that problem as it analyzes all your apps, and shows if there are any updates available.

You can then update them manually from here. It even has a discovery section where you can find a huge list of popular apps from various app repositories that you might want to try. All in all, It’s useful for me to check for the updates of GitHub apps that I have installed on my phone. 

11. LTE Cleaner

LTE cleaner app screenshots

If you are searching for an easy-to-use, no-nonsense Android junk file cache cleaner app, this is the best choice to consider. It’s an open-source Android phone cleaning app that deletes empty folders, temporary files, caches, logs, and ad folders that remain on your phone even after uninstalling apps. The app even allows you to Whitelist the apps you don’t want to clean, tell the app to clean your phone daily automatically, and also you can set filters. Having mentioned that it’s free, easy to use, and there are no ads. 

12. Coffee

Coffee app screenshots

It is annoying when your screen goes off while you are reading something on your phone. The usual screen timeout setting lets you keep the screen on for 10 minutes maximum. But if you want to keep the display awake for as long as you want without changing the settings, then get this app.

It gives a toggle that can be added to the notification panel or home screen and you just need to tap on it to enable or disable it. The screen stays on as long as you don’t disable it. It’s really handy, open-source, and ad-free. 

13. Frostwire

Frostwire torrent search engine app screenshots

Frostwire is an amazing app that lets you connect to multiple torrent search engines and Cloud sources to find millions of public domain, Creative Commons, and free downloadable files. You can search for any movie or anything you want in the app and get the results within the app without the need for an external browser.

For instance, if you search for a movie, you’ll get the related music files, images, videos, documents, and torrents all categorized in one place. Any of them can be downloaded with just a click in the app. The app even has an inbuilt media player, but it plays only the music files saved in the internal storage.

One more useful feature the app offers is file transfer. You can seed or upload any of your files, and share the magnet link with others so they can download the file you’ve seeded through any browser on their phone or computer. Overall, excluding the media player and unattractive UI, the app is fine and is free to use but not ad-free. 

14. Instalate

Instalate app screenshots

Instalate is a handy online dictionary app that you can use to translate any text to and from different languages on the go. Setting up the app is pretty easy. Launch the app, choose a provider, and then select the languages you want to translate from and to. That’s it! Now you can select any text on any website or anywhere on your phone, tap on 3 dots, and then tap Instalate to get the translated word or sentence. It’s a pretty handy translation tool that’s easily accessible.

15. Taptap

Taptap app

Taptap is a different kind of Google Play Store alternative. It is dedicated to Android games to help you find popular and new titles easily. If there is any particular game that you want to play but cannot find on the Play Store for some reason, you are more than likely to find it here. The store is very organized and there’s also a pre-register option for upcoming Android games so that whenever they become available, you receive a notification. So get it if you are an Android gamer. 

16. Irregular Expressions 

Irregular expressions app screenshots

Irregular Expressions is a simple open-source keyboard app that allows you to type your text in 30 different fonts, so you can make your texting, social media posts, and articles more stylish and eye-catching. Simply select the style you want and get the text written in that style as you type. It’s as simple as that.

17. Clima

Clima weather app screenshots

Clima is probably the cleanest minimal weather app I have ever used, and it’s for you if you don’t like to give any permissions to a weather app. You can search for any city, to get detailed weather info just like that. The details include hourly and daily forecasts, temperature, humidity, wind speed, UV index, and many more, along with the chances of rain. So, it’s the easiest way to stay aware of the weather of the city you are going to.

18. Stealth

Stealth open source reddit app screenshots

Stealth is a privacy-friendly, feature-rich, and unofficial client for Reddit that lets you experience Reddit without a Reddit account. It offers almost all Reddit features such as filtering the feed, saving posts, joining subreddits, following users, etc. The app also allows you to download images and videos.

The UI is minimal and clean, and you can also filter explicit content from being shown on your feed. All in all, It’s a great open-source alternative to the official Reddit app. 

19. Notification Dictionary

Notification dictionary app screenshots

We often find words that we don’t know the meanings of. In such cases, we usually use online translators or any dictionary app. This is a dictionary app as well, but it’s the easiest way to know the meaning of unknown words without having to leave whatever you are doing at the moment on your phone. All you have to do is, select the word, tap on three dots, and click the notification dictionary.

As soon as you click on it, you’ll get the meaning of it as a notification. So, you do not have to open the dictionary app separately or search for it online. Tapping on the notification would take you to the app where you could find all the meanings for the selected word. And also you can search for meanings of other words within the app. So, try it, it works offline as well.

20. Song Tube

Songtube app

Google finally has taken down YouTube Vanced and it’s almost impossible to find its replacement. You can try this cool alternative that’s completely free, open source, and also offers background play, picture-in-picture mode, video, and audio downloading, etc. The quality of the audio and video you want to save is up to you to choose.

As of now, the app has no option to log in, but you can follow the channels you like. In addition, the app also can be used as an offline music and video player as well. It comes with essential features such as gapless playback, Playlist support, a tag editor, and a manual equalizer. The interface is very nice and minimal and can be customized to some extent. So, give it a shot and let me know what you think.

21. DroidFS

Droidfs app screenshots

DroidFS is an OpenSource file manager that uses its internal file explorer which allows you to store files in encrypted virtual volumes that other apps cannot decrypt. So, anything that you save in these volumes cannot be accessed by any other app even if they have read permissions granted. 

So, you can save your confidential stuff like password manager database, private photos, and videos in the app to stop them from being exposed to other apps on your phone. You can give the app access to any of your folders that you want to encrypt or create hidden volumes and store your stuff in them. But note that anything saved in hidden volumes will be gone if you uninstall this app. So be sure to back up your stuff.

22. RiseUP VPN

Riseup VPN app icon

If you are in search of a free VPN app, then give this one a try. It’s a free and open-source VPN app that’s very easy to use. All you need to do is install this app, launch it, and tap on Connect to surf the internet securely without revealing your identity. The app also improves your privacy by encrypting and securely routing all your network traffic through its servers. So, give it a shot if you are looking for a free VPN app.

23. Battery Bot Pro

Battery bot pro screenshot

Battery Bot Pro is one of the cleanest Battery monitoring apps using which you can monitor vital stats of your battery such as the remaining time, health, temperature, charging status, voltage, etc. Apart from the clean and convenient layout, the app also offers configurable alarms that notify you when the battery temperature and charge rise or fall under a threshold set by you. It’s simple and useful. 

24. P!n

P!n app screenshots

P!n is one of the best minimalist note-taking apps which can also be used as a task reminder since you can pin any notes to your notification panel with this app. You can also set how long you want a note to be hidden by clicking on this snooze button. The snooze time is customizable for every note you like and also the notes are customizable at any time. Likewise, you can add as many notes as you want. So, try this tiny app to increase your productivity. 

25. UnlockMaster

UnlockMaster app screenshots

UnlockMaster is an open-source productivity app that tracks the number of your screen unlocks. When you see how many times you’ve unlocked your phone in the app, the chances of you realizing that you are wasting your time and becoming productive are high. You can also set screen unlock limits in the app, get notified when you cross the limit, and see the unlock history and statistics for a better understanding of your phone usage. If you keep unlocking your phone for no reason, try this app to change that.

26. Lunar Launcher 

Lunar launcher screenshots

Lunar launcher is an open-source, minimal, and productive launcher. The home screen doesn’t show anything that distracts you, rather you can add your to-do list to the home screen by long pressing on the screen. At the top, you get a default time, and date widget with a circular animated battery charging indicator.

If you swipe right on the screen, you get to see some vital stats of your phone including memory details, processor, and battery stats. Swiping down opens up the notification panel and swiping up lets you alter your volumes and brightness, and you can add 3 contacts and 3 URLs for quick access, so you can tap them to call someone quickly and to open that particular URL instantly. 

Swiping left on the screen opens up the app drawer which is somewhat unique and less distractive only displaying the titles of the apps. You can add up to 6 apps to your favorites by long pressing on them. These favorites will be displayed at the bottom of the quick panel. It even allows you to launch apps in free form (split-screen mode) so you can multitask comfortably.

All in all, the launcher has some limitations, but still, it’s a decent one to try.

27. My Brain 

My brain app screenshot 1
My brain app screenshot 2
My brain app screenshot 3

My Brain is an Open source, an easy-to-use, all-in-one productivity app for Tasks, Notes, Calendars, diaries, and Bookmarks. So you can do many productive things with this one.

You can create tasks with priority, sub-tasks with due dates and reminders, Create Notes with markdown support, so you can use Headers, lists, links, etc., record your moods, and see the mood summary with beautiful graphs, save bookmarks for later use, and many more. And it doesn’t need internet access. So, get this privacy-friendly productivity app, and increase your productivity.

28. Kvaesisto Launcher

Kvaesisto Launcher screenshots

Kvaesisto is an Open-source search-focused Android launcher that’s minimal yet feature. The global search of the launcher not only lets you search for on-device apps, contacts, messages, and calendar events but also lets you search for your files, Search for anything on Google, YouTube, and Play Store directly from here including Wikipedia and website previews.

You can access the search bar and the app drawer either by tapping it or swiping it down on the screen. The launcher keeps the home screen super clean with only the time and date displayed at the bottom, but if you swipe up you can access a few widgets with the ability to add a few more widgets if you want. You can further customize the launcher the way you want.

You can change the app grid layout, change icon shapes and size, use external icon packs, Set gesture-based controls, and stuff. And you get this cool little charging animation while your phone gets charged. Overall, it’s super clean and it’s working fine. I like it. 

29. Neo Store

Neo store app screenshots

Neo Store is an OpenSource app store for Android which is an FDroid client that’s comparatively faster than Fdroid and also looks much better than FDroid. It works the same as Fdroid, You can search for apps of multiple categories, sort and filter them by categories, and install them from here, You can check new app releases in a separate tab, see the list of downloaded apps from FDroid, and its clients, etc. And the app also notifies you when there are updates available for installed apps. Overall, it’s good.

30. Podverse 

Podverse app screenshots

If you love listening to podcasts, then you must try this one out. It’s called Podverse, where you can search for podcasts of any category, subscribe to them, listen to their episodes online, or download them for offline access for absolutely free. The app offers a few controls, using which you can alter the play speed of podcasts, forward and rewind them, and listen to them in the background while accessing other apps.

And if there are video clips in any podcast, you can also watch them or listen to them in the background. It’s a great app overall, So get it without fail, if you are a big podcast bug.

31. Discreet Launcher 

Discreet Launcher screenshots

The next one is a minimal OpenSource launcher, that provides you a distraction-free home screen for better productivity. From this clean home screen, swipe down anywhere on the screen to display your favorite apps, and swipe up to see the complete list of applications. If you long press on any app, you will be offered access to its system settings and its page in the Play Store.

You don’t get those fancy animations and effects you get with popular launchers, but it offers many handy features and options for you, to customize the launcher the way you want while maintaining the minimal look. Having mentioned that, the launcher is open source, doesn’t need any unnecessary permissions, works completely offline, and it’s ad-free. So try it out.

32. Thumb-Key

Thumb key keyboard app screenshot

Thumb-Key is a unique, privacy-friendly smart keyboard for Android, specifically made for your thumbs. It features a 3×3 grid layout and uses swipes for the less common letters. All you need to do is, swipe in the direction of the letter or symbol you want to type. It’s designed for fast typing and is easy to get used to, as it uses large keys with predictable positions, to prevent your eyes from hunting and pecking for letters.

The keyboard is also customizable to some extent. You can change the color of the theme, adjust the position of the keyboard on the screen to your convenience, alter the size of the buttons, etc. The keyboard also supports a few languages as well. So try it if you are bored with the usual Android keyboards.

33. Save on Device 

Save on device app screenshos

This app adds a handy option to the Android share sheet that allows you to save shareable files to your device directly. To save the shareable content, share it, tap on more options, and then tap the save option to save almost any shareable content to your device directly. 

34. Screen time

Screen time app screenshots

Screen Time is an open-source productivity app that displays your screen time in a sticky notification. It gets updated every second as you keep using your phone, so you can get a better sense of how much of the day you spend on your phone without launching any app, and then use your valuable time to do something productive. 

35. FastLyrics

Fastlyrics app screenshots

This one is going to be very useful for you if you always struggle to find lyrics to your favorite songs. It automatically detects the song playing on your device through the notification panel and downloads the lyrics for the song automatically. It doesn’t matter what app you are playing the song on. It even saves the lyrics automatically in the app for offline access. In addition, the app also lets you search for the lyrics of any song manually. So get it if you always struggle to find lyrics to your favorite songs.

36. Anemo 


Anemo is an OpenSource private local storage utility for Android that works similarly to a file manager but comes with more privacy features. It is so private that the files stored in this storage are not shown in other apps. To make it more secure and to get more control over your storage, after installing the app, go to your phone’s settings, open apps, locate the Anemo app, and tap on in-app notification settings.

Here you can configure the app’s privacy settings to your preference. You can lock the storage access with a tap, and set a password, and you can also automatically lock access to your files after 15 minutes or set a biometric lock for extra privacy. Except for these features, it pretty much works like a regular storage app. You can create and organize folders, save files of all types, copy files from other apps etcetera. 

37. Private lock


This unique app locks your phone automatically whenever someone snatches your phone from you all of a sudden. Be it your parents, friends, or even a thief. It locks your phone based on the force of the movement or the speed at which your phone is taken from you. You just set the speed or the frequency to your preference and then start the app.

That’s it! From now on, your phone will be automatically locked whenever the movement of your phone crosses that limit. To unlock your phone, you’ll have to use your PIN only as it won’t take the biometric and face unlocks. You can also use this app to lock your phone without using the power button by just shaking it.

38. Smartdock


Smart Dock is a highly customizable material-themed desktop mode launcher for Android. With just a tap or a swipe, you can bring up this dock with recently used apps, an app drawer icon to bring up all your apps, and customize the dock to your usage. You can have your wifi toggle button, system settings, accessibility button, navigation buttons, and more.

Having mentioned that, It’s highly customizable. You can change the color of the dock, apply different icon packs, alter the number of icons on the dock, and more. So give it a shot if you are an Android customization freak. 

39. Extirpater


This is a high-performance free space eraser that deletes your data including app data, photos, videos, and all personal details from your phone completely, without leaving a trace. This comes in handy when you are giving away or selling your used phone to someone. Because, typically, when you delete a file, it’s not completely deleted, it’s merely removed from the system’s index.

But this tool first fills the remaining space on your device with random noise and then deletes them making it next to impossible for anyone to recover your data. It may not be necessary for modern phones since they encrypt data automatically, but it doesn’t hurt to use the app before selling your phone to ensure your data is irrecoverable.

40. Obtainium 

Obtainium apk updater

Installing apps from external sources and websites other than the Google Play Store is easy, but finding updates for them is not always smooth. That’s when this app comes into the scene. It updates those apps that you installed from external sources automatically without you having to download the updates manually from the same sources. All you have to do is, paste in the specific URL of the project page of the app you downloaded from the internet and add it.

That’s it! From now on, this app will notify you if there’s an update available, so you can update it directly from here. You can also search for specific apps on the app and add any of the available source links to the app if you don’t want to manually copy links from your web browser. It’s an essential app if you install apps from external sources often.

41. Lock QR

Lock QR app screenshots

This incredible open-source source app lets you generate QR codes easily in a couple of clicks. You can generate QR codes for secret texts, website links, contact info, social profiles, Wi-Fi passwords, and many more. Using the app is pretty easy. Simply tap on the platform you want to generate the QR code for, feed in the details such as text, links, etc., pick the QR code’s color, and click generate. That’s it! Now you can share this QR code with anyone. They’ll have to scan this QR code with any QR code scanner such as Google Lens to see the hidden information.

42. URLCheck

URLCheck app screenshots

Many websites or web links we visit online use tracking elements to mark our online activity. All of that tracking code is not necessary for a web link to be displayed or work correctly. That’s exactly what URL check does by helping you analyze the URL and remove trackers and other unnecessary elements from a URL before you open and share it with anyone to ensure the privacy of you and the receiver of the link.

So, before opening and sharing any link with anyone, share it with this app to remove any obsolete parameters automatically and then share the cleaned URL with anyone from here. It also has the option to open the URL in different apps. It’s easy to use and pretty useful.

43. Squawker 

Squawker app screenshots

Squawker is a new open-source Twitter or X client that lets you enjoy an ad-free X experience anonymously. You don’t even need a Twitter or X account to follow what’s going on on the platform. You can search for anyone, follow anyone, save their tweets and media to your device, see what’s trending worldwide, and many more without an X account. The app’s appearance is also customizable with the available colors to your taste. And if you want, you can import all your subscriptions from your X account. Overall, it’s one simple and neat X client that you must try.

44. Namida

Namida music player screenshots

This open-source free music player is one of the best-looking offline music players for Android I’ve ever used. It not only looks great but also has a huge set of features that you can use to fine-tune every micro detail of the music player. You can customize the overall vibe of the theme with various available color and animation effects, manage how the music album library should look, customize the behavior of the music player overall, and many more.

There is no need to mention that the app offers all the essential features such as playlist support, sleep timer, excluding certain folders and files, tag editor, and many more. You can also use the app to have an ad-free YouTube experience right here in the app. As of now, you can’t sign in to your YouTube account, you can only search manually for YouTube videos, and the whole YouTube stuff is a little buggy. But, overall as a music player, it’s good, but it still needs some work to be done.

45. Stopwatch

Stopwatch quick tile screenshots

This simple open-source app provides a stopwatch as a quick tile to your quick settings panel. Just tap on it to start the stopwatch, and carry on with your work as it keeps running in the background. When you are done with your work, you can pull down the quick settings panel to see the time taken and stop it by tapping it again. It would have been better if we could launch the app to see the stopwatch history and also the notifications would have been helpful.

46. Hail

Hail app screenshots

By default, it’s not possible to permanently freeze a few system apps and a few phones don’t even let us hide some apps. In such cases, this app comes in handy. Hail is an incredible open-source app that lets you freeze and hide any app including system apps without rooting your phone. All you need to do is, pair it with Shizuku and select the working mode as Shizuku disable, add the apps you want to hide from the app drawer, and tap the freeze button to disable them. You can unfreeze them whenever you want to revert the disabling. It’s easy to use and does the job well.

47. QR Alarm

QR Alarm screenshots

QR Alarm is an amazing alarm app that makes sure you not only wake up but disable it by scanning a QR code. Setting up the app is pretty simple. After launching the app, allow all the required permissions, download the QR code from the settings, set the alarm and you are good to go. You can print out the code and stick it on the wall. When the alarm hits, it won’t stop until and unless you get off the bed and scan the code on the wall. It is such a simple but effective way to wake up if you are a deep sleeper.

48. Grid Launcher

Grid launcher screenshots

If you are a fan of the old Windows Android skin, then try this open-source launcher. It doesn’t offer as many customization options as you’d like, but it transforms your phone into a Windows phone in a minute. The home screen features grids for your apps, and they flip automatically giving the authentic Windows phone look to your Android phone. By long pressing on any grid, you can adjust its size and position to your taste. You can add as many apps as you want to the home screen by long pressing on them. As of now, that’s what the launcher offers, let’s hope it gets better with time.

49. Slideshow Wallpaper

Slideshow Wallpaper screenshots

If you like to see a new wallpaper every few seconds, minutes, or days, then Slideshow Wallpaper is the right app for you. It lets you choose up to over 500 wallpapers, choose the time interval, and then set this app as the wallpaper to switch your wallpapers automatically to the selected time interval. In addition, you can choose the order of the wallpapers if you want, or leave it as random, and set all wallpapers to fit your phone screen. Also, you can set this app on your home screen and lock screen or both. It’s a must-have app if you use a lot of wallpapers. 

50. Einkbro browser

Einkbro browser screenshots

If you have been searching for a lightweight and secure web browser for Android, then search no more and get the Einkbro browser. It’s an open-source, tracker-free, and feature-rich web browser that you don’t want to miss. Along with basic features such as ad blocking, multiple search engine support, full control of your search history, and incognito browsing support, the browser offers so many additional features. Let me tell you about some of them.

The browser, by default, lets you use your volume buttons to scroll up and down on web pages, you can also scroll by tapping on the dedicated areas on the screen, and it also supports a split screen view allowing you to browse side by side on 2 different tabs. And the browser even supports background video playback, so you’ll be listening to the audio of the videos even if you lock your phone.

In addition, you can customize the fonts and their size, and assign various trigger actions for different swipe gestures. The browser also allows you to integrate chat GPT. The best part is that you get all these features in under 5 MB size. So get it without fail!

51. Text Tools

TextTools app screenshots

Get this app if you don’t want to give WhatsApp access to your contacts. Text Tools is a nifty open-source app that offers a few text-related tools that can be performed by selecting the text. For instance, you can text any phone number on WhatsApp without saving it. Type the number anywhere on your phone, select it, tap on three dots, and then tap on the WhatsApp option to text to that number on WhatsApp.

While texting with anyone, if you need to calculate something, you can do so without launching the calculator app. Type in the numbers with math symbols between them, select them, and tap on the evaluate option to get the result. Also, you can transform text with the transform option. It lets you add special characters such as quotes and brackets to the selected text and change the case. The app is working well, but the features are limited. Hope it gets a few more in the future

52. Linksheet

Linksheet app screenshots

If you hate it when any web link you click on your phone opens on the default browser, then this app is for you. Linksheet brings back the Android 11 app chooser for you to choose which app you’d like to open the link. You get these options when you tap on any web link on any app. You can then choose the browser to open the link. It’s easy to use and handy if you don’t like to open every web link you click on your phone in one browser all the time. The bottom sheet can also be customized to show the options you want.

53. OpenLauncher

OpenLauncher screenshots

OpenLauncher is as its title says, it’s an open-source Android launcher that’s minimal in every sense. The home screen features nothing but a date widget and a search button to search for installed apps. Swiping up at the bottom of the home screen or tapping the app drawer button launches the app drawer. You can long press on any app to access additional details of it. The standout feature of the launcher is its mini sidebar that can be accessed by swiping left to right on the left edge of the home screen.

This sidebar consists of a few buttons letting you perform a few actions quickly. For example, changing the volume mode, launching the camera, locking the phone, accessing settings, and more. The sidebar can also be customized to your preference in the launcher’s settings. You can add a few more options or remove the options you don’t want to be on the minibar. In addition, the launcher allows you to customize the dock layout, app drawer style, theme color, change icon pack, support gestures, and more.

Wrapping Up

So, these are some unknown best Android apps not available on the Play Store that you can download for free and enhance your Android user experience. All of these apps are free and open-source. I hope you got to know at least a few unknown apps. Let me know what you think, and also suggest some more unknown apps in the comments. 

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