4 Best RAM Cleaner Apps for Android that Actually Work!

In the dynamic world of Android smartphones, performance is key, and optimizing your device’s RAM is a crucial aspect of ensuring a smooth user experience. While modern Android smartphones are designed to manage RAM efficiently, there are times when a little extra help can go a long way. In this post, we explore some of the best RAM cleaner apps for Android that can help you reclaim lost performance and keep your device running at its best.

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Best RAM Cleaner Apps for Android

App nameSizeRatingPrice
Phone Master – Junk Clean Master19 MB4.6★ (500,000,000+ downloads)Free with in-app purchases.
CCleaner – Phone Cleaner50 MB4.5★ (100,000,000+ downloads)Free with in-app purchases.
SD Maid – System Cleaning Tool8 MB4.3★ (10,000,000+ downloads)Free with in-app purchases.
Phone Cleaner – All in one17 MB4.2★ (5,000,000+ downloads)Free with in-app purchases.

1. Phone Master – Junk Clean Master

Phone master junk cleaner screenshots

Phone Master is one of the best RAM cleaner apps for Android because of its comprehensive cleaning features. Apart from cleaning junk files with a single tap, it includes an app managing tool, a file managing tool, an app locker, an Antivirus, and an image compression tool. Using all the available tools, you can effortlessly manage your device’s memory and storage, ensuring optimal performance. Its user-friendly interface and additional features make it an all-in-one smart optimization tool for any Android device. 

Key Features

  • Junk cleanup
  • App and file management.
  • App lock.
  • Image compression.

2. CCleaner – Phone Cleaner

CCleaner screenshots

CCleaner is a well-known name in PC optimization, extending its prowess to Android. The app offers a RAM cleaner that can help free up memory instantly, leading to improved speed and responsiveness. In addition, you get a few more tools such as an app managing tool using which you can pause resource-draining apps, a media file controller to sort and organize your media files easily, a system monitor to monitor the usage of your CPU, analyze RAM usage and internal storage space, etc. With its simple interface and effective cleaning capabilities, CCleaner is a reliable choice for those seeking a trustworthy RAM cleaner for Android. 

Key Features

  • Monitor your system.
  • Clean your photo library.
  • Analyze app impact.

3. SD Maid – System Cleaning Tool

SD Maid screenshots

SD Maid is one of the best phone cleaner apps for Android that’s been there for quite a long time and is still a favorite cache cleaner to many users. One of the reasons for its longevity is its contemporary minimal design that’s been upgraded over the years. 

It is more powerful and feature-rich. The app can act as a full-fledged file manager letting you browse your whole device to check all files and manipulate them. You can remove redundant files from your Android device using the app, use the app as an app manager, and manage installed use and System apps, also you can delete files that formerly belonged to uninstalled apps.

Not just that, the app also allows you to search your files by date, name, or content. Since it has a detailed overview of your entire device, it can detect duplicate files (pictures, music files, documents) So you can delete them all with a single tap easily to clear the storage space. Not to mention, you can also set schedules to run the cleaning tools automatically or via a dedicated widget from your home screen.

SD Maid goes beyond the typical RAM cleaner by offering powerful tools for system cleaning. While it may not have a dedicated RAM booster, its overall system optimization capabilities contribute to a smoother Android experience. For users looking for a comprehensive cleaning solution, SD Maid is a noteworthy choice.

Key Features

  • Browse and manage all files and apps.
  • Run tools on schedule automatically.
  • Optimize databases.

4. Phone Cleaner – All in one

Phone cleaner all in one screenshots

Phone Cleaner is a straightforward and efficient RAM cleaner and junk cleaner app for Android. Along with junk file cleaner, the app has a memory scanner that scans and clears your device’s RAM with a single click. Apart from that, it comes with a few more tools that let you find duplicate files, unused files, large files, WhatsApp cache etcetera. You can then clean all of them with a single tap, resulting in improved speed and responsiveness.

There are also tools to monitor your battery levels, a notification cleaner to clear irrelevant notifications, and measure your internet speed, etc. You can access the tools directly from your notification bar or a widget from your home screen instead of launching the app separately. The app’s simplicity makes it a user-friendly option for those seeking quick and effective RAM optimization on Android devices.

Key Features

  • Monitor RAM and Internal storage.
  • Examine battery levels.
  • Clean junk files.


These best RAM cleaner apps for Android provide a range of features to enhance your device’s performance. While Android is adept at managing memory, these apps offer additional tools and optimizations to ensure that your smartphone operates at its peak. Whether you are looking for an all-in-one solution or a specialized RAM cleaner, the apps mentioned above cater to various user preferences, making them valuable additions to your Android optimization toolkit. Remember to use these apps judiciously and consider your device’s specific needs for optimal results.

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