13 Best Android Customization Apps in 2024 You’ve Never Heard Of!

13 Best Android Customization Apps in 2024 You’ve Never Heard Of!

Android Customization apps have always allowed Android smartphone users to tailor their devices to their preferences. While popular customization apps like Nova Launcher, KWGT, and Tasker have gained widespread recognition, numerous lesser-known gems in the Android app ecosystem can take your Android device customization to the next level. In this post, we will explore some of the unknown, best Android customization apps that can transform your smartphone experience and make it truly yours.

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Best Android Customization Apps

1. Widgeet (Widget)

Widgeet app screenshots

The first best Android customization app is a free unique widget pack that offers material-you-themed widgets of 4 categories. Music Player, clock, calendar, and device info. Each category has widgets of multiple designs, so you can choose the one you prefer according to your wallpaper and theme. All of the available widgets are highly customizable. You can change everything from its color scheme to transparency and other elements involved in the widget. Once you are done tweaking the widget, add it to the home screen and adjust its size by long-pressing the widget. The good thing is that it’s free. So, get it right away before it gets a price tag.

2. Smart Watch Clock Wallpaper

Smart watch clock wallpaper screenshots

The next one is a unique free wallpaper app for Android that offers numerous AMOLED clock wallpapers with matching colors and themes. These clocks are customizable too. You can alter the analog clock’s size, and adjust its position on the background and stuff. The digital clock’s color and background can also be customized along with the position and size. You can even create a new clock to match the available HD wallpapers in the app. So get it if you want to customize your Android home screen in a snap. 

3. Easy Drawer – App Organizer

Easy drawer app screenshots

This is a widget as well using which you can launch your apps faster. The app groups your apps by alphabet and displays them on the widget. You can tap any alphabet to get all the apps starting with that particular alphabet and launch your app. You can also add frequently used apps to your favorites by long pressing on your apps and have them easily accessed from the widget. In addition, the app also allows you to customize the widget from its appearance to the number of apps it displays and also supports external icon packs. It’s simple and useful overall, so try it out.

4. Swipe Back

Swipe back app screenshots

Using this customization app, you can swipe on the edges of your screen to navigate back while using any app. The swipeable area can be placed on either side of your screen, and also its size, position, and transparency are adjustable, so it won’t make your screen look bad with its presence. It’s a handy way to navigate back on any app, without using the actual back button. If you don’t release the finger, the back button will be executed continuously, until you lift your finger. So, no more rapid tappings on the back button. Pretty simple and handy app.

5. Boot animations for Superusers

Boot animations app screenshots

This incredible Android customization app lets you change the boring boot animation of your Android device for free and also allows you to have a new boot animation every time you reboot your phone. It offers several custom boot animations of various designs and concepts, all of which are free to install, but the catch is your device needs to be rooted to install them. So, get it and give it a go if your Android device is rooted. But consider backing up your system partition using a custom recovery before using the app to be safe if anything goes south while installing these animations. 

6. Modern theme launcher

Modern theme launcher screenshots

Modern themes launcher for Android is the best option to customize your Android phone without effort. It has over 50 beautiful ready-made themes that you can apply to your home screen with just a click. The launcher also offers over 200 beautiful wallpapers, supports external icon packs, lets you hide and lock apps, and more. So get it to customize your Android home screen with a click.

7. Drupe: Phone Dialer & Contacts

Drupe custom dialer app screenshots

Drupe is a unique and feature-rich phone dialer that offers a huge set of handy features. You can access this dialer, by swiping at the top left edge of your screen. You can see your contact list on one side of the screen and multiple app icons on the other. To call anyone, you need to drag the contact and drop on the dialer icon.

Similarly, to make a WhatsApp call, you must drop it on the WhatsApp icon. Likewise, you can perform all available functions on your contacts easily. And of course, you can type the number manually with the inbuilt beautiful multi-colored dial board. The app also offers a few customization options and themes along with great features, such as caller ID, spam call blocking, call recording, etc. 

8. Keys Cafe – Make Your Keyboard

Keys cafe screenshots

Samsung’s Keys Cafe is one of the best-looking keyboards for Android if not the best. I get a lot of people asking me about the keyboard I use on my Samsung phone and how to install it. But it’s an open secret that it is a Samsung exclusive. However, you can get Samsung’s Keys Cafe on any Android phone for free. Install the keyboard app with the same name on the Play Store, launch it, allow all the required permissions, enable it, and then choose any of the six themes from the “Animated themes” section.

It’s not the same keyboard, but it tries its best to replicate the feel of Keys Cafe on non-Samsung phones with the keystroke effects and sounds. Along with keys cafe effects, you also get a huge set of various keyboard themes, plus you can create your keyboard theme from scratch. So, give it a shot if you are a Samsung’s Keys Cafe fan.

9. Flex: Multi-Speed Auto Scroll

Flex scroll app screenshots

If you like to scroll on social media to pass the time but feel lazy enough to scroll manually, this app is for you. You may have used automatic scroll apps before, but this one is special. It lets you automatically scroll through web pages, e-books, social media, and any app. You can select the apps you want to automatically scroll on. So as soon as you launch that particular app, an on-screen widget appears as an overlay with various controls from continuous scrolling up and down to the left and right page swipes.

The standout feature is that you can control the scrolling speed with the on-screen slider to your preference as it scrolls automatically. One more useful feature is that you can set timers for page scroll so that the app stays on the page for a while instead of scrolling through continuously. My favorite and most useful feature of the app is the jump to the top button, tapping on which you can go to the top of any page or app in a second without having to scroll back to the top manually. And most importantly, the app is ad-free. So, get it without fail.

10. Diffuse Live Wallpaper

Diffuse screenshots

Diffuse is an incredible live wallpaper app that makes the music album art into an audio-reactive dynamic fluid background. It blurs your current playing album art and displays it in an abstract, fluid-like manner in real-time. With the in-house solution Live Beats technique, the background also moves in sync with the beat. Plus, you can customize or fine-tune the animation details to your preference. The app works with almost all music players including offline music players, so, get it and make your home screen alive and vibrant. 

11. Floating Assistant 

Floating Assistant screenshots

This handy customization app lets you have useful things floating on your screen, so you can access them faster. You can have several things floating on the screen for quick access, such as your favorite apps, and a few more quick toggles under an assistive touch such as a volume controller, flashlight toggle, phone locker, etc. It comes in handy on multiple occasions and for multiple purposes since it offers multiple options as overlays on the screen. You can also monitor battery temperature, CPU vital stats, etc with the pro version.

12. Battery Widget 

Battery widget screenshots

Having a few Bluetooth devices connected to our phones is common these days. But not being able to see the battery levels of all of them at a glance is somewhat inconvenient. Well, this app is a solution to that. It shows the battery levels of all your Bluetooth devices directly on the home screen with beautiful widgets. The widgets are customizable and adapt to the colors of your wallpaper since the app follows the material you theme. It offers a handful of widgets of different styles and shows the battery levels of up to 4 Bluetooth devices. So, try it if you are always anxious about the battery levels of your Bluetooth devices.

13. Neon LED Volume Styles 

Neon LED volume styles screenshots

I used custom volume styles earlier, but none offered as many volume styles as this one. It offers numerous volume controllers of different styles, colors, and effects. You can apply them as it is or customize them further to match the wallpaper. Everything is customizable including the size, color, width, RGB color effect, icon shapes, etc. And if you want, you can create a whole new volume panel from scratch. It’s easy to use and you’ll never run out of styles.


While popular Android customization apps dominate the Android personalization landscape, there is a plethora of hidden gems waiting to be discovered. I have tried to bring you some unknown customization apps for Android to let you explore the vast world of Android customization and unleash your creativity with these best-kept secret apps. I hope you found the post informative. Let me know your favorite customization apps in the comments. I will try and feature them in future posts if they are unique and useful.

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