How To Change Clothes in Photos With AI in a Minute for Free!

In the era of social media and digital sharing, the desire to present our best selves in photos has become more prevalent than ever. While many people turn to sophisticated photo editing software like Photoshop to change clothes in photos, not everyone has the skills or resources to use such tools. Fear not, with the power of AI, you can effortlessly change clothes in photos in a minute for free. Not just clothes, but you can also change backgrounds with a single click, and experiment with different types of clothes and colors giving your images a fresh and dynamic appeal.

In this guide, we’ll explore how to change clothes in photos using AI, unlocking a world of creative possibilities. The results will be incredible that nobody can identify that the clothes are generated by AI.

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How to Change Background in Photos With AI

  • The first thing to do is launch any web browser on your phone or computer and navigate to this website called Adobe Firefly
  • The website offers a handful of photo editing and photo generation tools, including a clothes changer. 
Generative fill tool in adobe firefly

  • The tool that allows us to change clothes in photos is this one that says “Generative fill”. Simply tap on the “Create with Firefly” button under it.
  • Now it needs you to sign up, you can sign up with either your Google account or Facebook account. 
Upload images to adobe firefly

  • After signing in, tap on the upload image and upload the image you want to edit. The editing interface as you can see is clutter-free with only a few options. 
  • This “background” option lets you change the background of any photo with a single click. You simply click on it to erase the background in a second, describe the background you want to replace with, and then click Generate. The AI will generate multiple backgrounds with the same description for you, so you can choose the best one. If you want more backgrounds with the same description, you can click on more. 
Change background in Adobe firefly

  • If you are satisfied with the new background, click on keep, and if you want the original background, click on clear and cancel.

How to Change Clothes in Photos With AI

  • Now to change clothes in photos, tap on the settings option with the brush icon, and adjust the settings to your preference. 
  • These are nothing but the brush size, hardness, and opacity. Set them accordingly, and brush on the clothes in the photo you want to replace with new clothes. The quality of the generated clothes depends on the accuracy of the brushed area, so make sure you brush as crisply as possible. You can zoom in on the photo for detailed brushing as you can see. 
How to erase clothes in photo

  • If you brush on the wrong area by mistake, simply tap on this subtract option and brush on the mistakenly touched area to restore it. 
How to restore mistakenly erased area

  • Once you are done erasing the clothes, type in your AI prompt according to the clothes you want to generate. For example, a blue coat or a denim shirt or a sweatshirt, etc, and click generate. 
How to change clothes in Adobe firefly

  • It’ll take up to 30 seconds to generate new clothes, and as you can see, most of them look so real. 
  • By clicking on the more option, you can generate a few more clothes with the same description. Then pick the best looking one and click on keep. 
Save edited photo in Adobe firefly

  • To download the resulting image, click on this export button at the top right corner and then click on download to save the photo in high quality to your device for absolutely free. It’s that simple!


Integrating AI into photo editing has revolutionized how we approach visual transformations. By following this step-by-step guide, you can unlock the full potential of AI to change clothes in photos, bringing a new level of innovation and creativity to your digital expression. Embrace the future of photo editing with AI and let your imagination run the world.

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