How to Easily Block Ads on Mobile Games on Android

It’s a lie if you say you never wanted to block ads on mobile games on Android. No matter how enjoyable a game is, it disrupts the gaming experience when you are interrupted by full-screen ads for every level or during gameplay. Interruptive ads are pretty common in mobile games, but most of the time, they get too intrusive and disruptive ruining the gaming experience.

Fortunately, for Android users, there are multiple ways to reclaim uninterrupted gaming experience by blocking the in-game ads. In this guide, we’ll explore effective methods to block ads on mobile games on Android devices.

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How to Block Ads on Mobile Games on Android

Mobile game ads are not bad if they are used properly without being too intrusive. Both, game developers and users can benefit from in-game ads if they are utilized well. Ads can introduce mobile gamers to new games/apps/opportunities. Some games even allow gamers to claim extra lives or bonuses by watching the in-game ads.

Also, users can support mobile game developers by watching the in-game ads, so the developers can enhance their existing games or produce better games. However, if you find those ads annoying, irrelevant, and useless, follow the following methods to block ads on mobile games on Android devices.

1. Offline Mode: Ad-free Gameplay On the Go

One effective way to block ads on mobile games on Android devices is to play in offline mode whenever possible. Many games have an offline mode that allows you to enjoy the game without interruptions, and many games don’t even require an internet connection. In that case, simply toggle off your internet connection, and you’re ready to immerse yourself in an ad-free gaming session. If you don’t want to turn off the internet, you can simply disable internet access to that particular game instead.

2. Ad Blocking Apps

Using any ad-blocking apps is one way to block mobile ads on Android devices without hassle. Easily accessible from the Google Play Store listing, apps like AdGuard, and Blokada allow you to block ads across different apps and games. Install your preferred ad blocker, configure the settings, and let it work its magic in creating an ad-free gaming experience on your Android device.

3. DNS Based Ad Blocking

DNS settings to block ads on Android

This is one of the easiest and most effective ways to block ads on mobile games on Android devices. If you want to block all ads on Android at the source level before they even reach your device, consider configuring the DNS Settings on your device. To configure your device’s DNS Settings, head over to the device settings, select “Network & Internet” or “Wireless & Networks” or “Connections”, tap “More connection settings”, Scroll down and tap “Private DNS”, and select the Private DNS mode to “Private DNS provider hostname”.

In the field, type down the DNS of your choice. For instance, type “” and save the changes. This can not only block ads on mobile games but also block ads on almost all apps on all Android devices. 

4. In-Game Ad Settings

Many games, including popular ones, allow you to customize your ad experience within their settings. Explore the settings menu of your frequently played mobile game to find options related to ads. You might discover preferences that allow you to limit ad tracking and even disable personalized ads, reducing the overall intrusion on your Android device. 

Wrapping Up

By employing these strategies, you can make your games free from the interruptions of in-game ads. Whether you opt for ad-blocking apps, invest in premium versions, play in offline mode, or configure DNS settings. The power to enhance your gaming experience is in your hands. Say goodbye to unwanted interruptions and hello to uninterrupted, immersive gameplay. Happy gaming!

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