New Instagram Update: Instagram to Redesign Profile Page

With every new Instagram update, Instagram is known for revamping things to the platform regarding its user interface. Changes like these are pretty common and have become frequent in the process of getting closer to the perfect interface that users might enjoy. Instagram has recently been spotted testing a few advanced tools such as AI Instagram stories. Yet another change is going to come into play. As spotted by Adwaith Varma, an App researcher, and Analyst, Instagram is going to revamp the profile page of the Instagram accounts we follow.

New Instagram Update to Revamp Profile Page

According to the screenshot shared by Adwaith Varma, the profile page of an Instagram account we follow will have 2 extra buttons and display extra information. Currently, we can only see the information of posts, followers, and following on the profile page of any Instagram account. Instagram is looking to add an extra tab called “mutuals” to Instagram profiles. The mutuals tab shows the number of shared/common followers of you and the other Instagram account. For example, if the mutual number on an Instagram profile is 20, you and that Instagram account have 20 common followers. This new tab will be added to the left of the existing three tabs – posts, followers, and following.

New Instagram update redesigning profile page

Also, the new interface will bring two extra buttons at the top right corner of the profile page. The two buttons are the Share logo and Profile walls. They will appear opposite to the Instagram account’s name. Share logo lets you quickly share the profile of an Instagram account with anyone instead of tapping on three dots and the “Share this profile” option. If we get this button, it will save us 2 taps. The next button “profile walls” lets you search the posts regarding profile walls from an Instagram account.

The official statement/date regarding this new Instagram update is yet to be announced by its parent company Meta.

Meta is Rolling Out Labeling AI-generated content

Instagram to label AI generated content

This upcoming Instagram update is not regarding its interface but the content. The usage of AI has been rapidly increasing among all social media platforms including Google, YouTube, and Instagram. Google has already started asking content creators to disclose AI usage in their YouTube content creation. Similarly, Meta is reportedly rolling out labeling AI-generated on Instagram, Threads, and Facebook. Users will see a “Made with AI” label on the images and videos generated using AI on Meta’s platforms. Whether this disclosure affects the growth of content creators on Meta platforms is unknown yet. However, it will help users with less technical skills to distinguish AI-generated content from original content.

Hidden Emoji Game in Instagram DMs

How to play hidden emoji game in Instagram DMs

In addition to these changes, if you don’t know this already, Instagram recently introduced a ping pong game to its DMs that is available to all Instagram users on Android and IOS. You can play ping pong in the DMs of your friends with emojis. After sending any emoji, tap it a single time. As soon as you tap the emoji in their DM conversation, the game will be launched and the emoji you sent will bounce around the screen.

You aim to stop the emoji from touching the bottom of the screen with the help of a slider. You get a point every time the emoji touches the slider. Do not let the emoji touch the floor to score as high as you can. The emoji bounces faster as you score each point making the game challenging. What’s more interesting is that the games can also be played offline.

Those are a few changes Instagram is going to get in the upcoming Instagram updates. Let me know your thoughts on these changes in the comments.

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