WhatsApp AI Chatbot: WhatsApp’s New Beta Update Brings AI Chatbot

WhatsApp’s new beta update lets users try out the new WhatsApp AI chatbot. This feature is currently accessible to some WhatsApp beta testers only, and it can be accessed by tapping on the special icon that’s available just above the “New chat” button on the home screen of WhatsApp. 

According to the WABetainfo report, WhatsApp users will get a new button situated just above the icon for starting new chats on the home screen of WhatsApp where you see your chats. This feature opens up a chat with WhatsApp’s local AI that you can chat with or ask queries. Something similar to Snapchat’s AI chatbot “My AI”.

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Meta, WhatsApp’s parent company unveiled the meta-driven AI chatbot in September 2023. According to the disclosure, the AI-powered chatbot would be made available for a few WhatsApp beta testers in the USA as a part of testing.

As they said, a few days later, the AI chatbot was introduced in September to a few WhatsApp beta users located in the US, but it was concealed within the contacts list, making it somewhat difficult to spot it and start conversations. To make it easy for the users and enhance the user experience, the WhatsApp beta for Android version now incorporates a small button on the home screen for easy and quick access to WhatsApp’s AI chatbot. 

WhatsApp AI Chatbot Shortcut

Having mentioned that the new AI chatbot button is situated just above the “New Chat” button in the right bottom corner of the home page of WhatsApp. The icon is a small multi-colored ring with a white square as the background. The unique design of the shortcut key makes it stand out from the entire WhatsApp interface making it easy to spot. Tapping on the shortcut opens up the AI chatbot for users to ask questions or have a conversation in case they have none of their friends online to chat with.

WhatsApp AI Chatbot Shortcut

It’s still in the testing stage, so you might not get it now as it is only randomly available for a few selected beta testers, as per the report. Also, reportedly, the presence of the chatbot in WhatsApp beta doesn’t guarantee its inclusion in the global release of the same version. There’s no information on how long this feature will be available only for beta testers. 

However, it’ll be made available to more WhatsApp beta users across the US. As time goes on, it’ll become available for usage to the global WhatsApp users via a regular Google Play Store or Apple App Store update. So, soon all WhatsApp users will have an AI companion.

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