Meta is Working on AI Instagram Stories

Instagram, the popular social media platform, is reportedly working on AI Instagram stories. Instagram users to get a native AI tool to create better Instagram stories. This would let Instagram users create amazing Instagram stories with the combination of their pics and imaginary situations generated by simple text prompts. No sources are confirming that this feature is in the testing stage, so it must be an internal prototype.

The feature was first spotted by a reliable leaker and reverse engineer Alessandro Paluzzi, who regularly discovers social media features in development before their official launch. According to the screenshots posted on his X profile, users would get AI Demos and the ability to generate imaginary situations with text prompts using the AI.

AI Instagram Stories

From the screenshots, the AI Demos section would have a set of ready-made images and sticker templates of various moods and categories. Users could upload their images or capture fresh pics to replace the existing faces in the Demos with their faces and upload them to their Instagram stories. Similarly, users could create imaginary situations with text prompts similar to the other AI image-generation tools and websites on the internet. 

Meta is working on integrating AI into Instagram stories
Image Credits: Twitter: Alessandro Paluzzi @alex193a

It is still being determined whether users would have to upload/capture their face every time they want to replace AI Instagram stories with their face or upload once in the beginning when setting it up. With the advancement of AI in pretty much every platform and app, Instagram also seems to be keen on introducing a native AI to create better Instagram stories. Not so long ago, Meta announced AI tools for WhatsApp. Now, Meta is integrating AI into Instagram.

If you are a big Instagram user who uploads Instagram stories often, AI Instagram stories could make your stories interesting and unique. There would be no need to spend time editing your stories manually as you could generate AI Instagram stories in seconds. Integrating AI into Instagram stories would open new creative avenues to generate unique situations.

Official Release Date?

The integration of AI in Instagram stories is not even in the testing stage. It is unknown when it’ll be tested and when it’ll be available to the beta users. Nonetheless, I am excited to create my Instagram stories using AI. What do you think about the integration of AI into Instagram?

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