LinkedIn Short Form Video Feed – LinkedIn is Testing Instagram Reels Like Video Feed on its App

LinkedIn, the popular professional networking platform for students, job seekers, employers, and colleagues, seems to be following the trend of short-form videos. According to TechCrunch, LinkedIn is reportedly testing Instagram reels like short-form video feed in its app. The short-form video trend was started and popularized by TikTok, followed by Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and others. Now LinkedIn is likely to get its short-form video feed in its app soon.

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LinkedIn Short Form Video Feed

LinkedIn shorts tab

The LinkedIn short form video feed was first spotted by Austin Null, a LinkedIn user and a strategy director at an influencer agency. According to the short demo video he posted on his LinkedIn profile, users will get an extra video button in the app’s toolbar to the right of the home button with the post option displaced to somewhere else. Tapping on that button will open up the vertical feed short form videos tab similar to Instagram reels and TikTok videos. You can swipe up and down to watch them like other platforms. You can also like the videos, share them with others, and comment on them. In addition, you’ll have the ability to mute/unmute videos.

Type of Content on LinkedIn Short Form Video Feed

Since LinkedIn is a professional platform, it will not be showing content similar to the content you find on Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok – Comedy, Casual dancing, and other cringe videos. Instead, the videos will be more related to career opportunities, experiences, motivation, and professional growth. Bite-sized videos are proven to be an effective way to convey the message and information crisply without wasting time. So LinkedIn users are going to benefit from this new feature as it is easier to scroll through short videos than reading a big text.

When Will We Get the Feature?

The short videos trend has been on the rise ever since Tiktok popularized it. Pretty much all platforms are incorporating visual short-form content on their apps. While LinkedIn allows users to post videos of any length by default, the new dedicated feed will let users upload videos with lengths of up to one minute. This will boost engagement and discovery on the platform because scrolling through videos is easy. The official statement regarding the feature’s release date is yet to be made by the company as It is still in the early testing stage.

With the launch of this new feature, more content creators will start making videos for the platform, and the user base of the platform will grow eventually. We can already find job/career-related short videos on other social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube, etc. Now with the feature coming to LinkedIn, such content creators will have a dedicated area to serve their target audiences. Also, it will be easy for the users to find content purely related to professional growth in a dedicated section. It’s a win-win situation for content creators and consumers.

Content Monetization on LinkedIn?

As of now, it is unknown whether the content creators will be able to monetize their content on LinkedIn, but chances are that they will be soon. Even if there’s no chance of monetization in the future, creators can build and grow an audience base here on the app and drive their traffic from LinkedIn to other monetized platforms. While the majority of users see the inclusion of a short-form videos tab on LinkedIn as a positive move, some might see it as an unnecessary feature because of how addictive short-form videos can be. What do you think about LinkedIn adding a dedicated short form video feed in its app?

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