Google Drive Categories: Categorize Files for Easier Access and Management

Google Drive soon will be getting a much-needed feature to make it easy for users to access and manage files. According to TheSpAndroid, the new code added within Google Drive’s Android app hints at the ‘Google Drive categories’ brand-new feature for better file organization. While the feature is expected to come to the iOS app first, then the web version, and then Android, the official announcement regarding the feature is yet to be made by the company.

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Everything About Google Drive Categories Feature

Currently, you can only create folders in Google Drive and save your files in them accordingly, similar to how you store your files on your file manager. This is enough if you have a few files saved on your Google Drive account. But if you are someone who saves many files of all types on Google Drive, this feature is going to come in handy.

Google Workspace and Gmail apps already have such a feature. It is called ‘Labels’. You can assign Labels to your emails and files on Google Workspace to sort them. The soon-to-be-introduced Google Drive categories feature is somewhat similar to the labels feature but it has a few differences.

In Google Workspace, labels can only be created by admins. But in Google Drive, the categories feature will be available to everyone using the app/platform. You can create as many labels as you want in Gmail and Google Workspace, but the Google Drive categories will be fixed. You’ll have a selected number of categories to assign to your files. There will be 12 categories.

12 Google Drive Categories

Auto, Banking, Expenses, Home, IDS, Insurance, Medical, Pets, School, Taxes, Travel and Work. You can assign multiple categories to a single file similar to the labels.

Having mentioned that this will come in handy if you store several files in your Google Drive account. Since we will be allowed to assign multiple categories to a single file, it’ll be much easier to search for it using its tag/category.

How will we be able to assign categories?

According to the code within the Google Drive app, on launching the app, we’ll be able to see all 12 categories on the home screen of the app in the same order. You can tap on any category to open all the files of that category. To assign a category to any file, we must tap on the corresponding 3 dots of the file to open the context menu. In addition to the old options in the context menu, we’ll have a new “Manage Categories” option. Tapping on it will open up the 12 categories list.

Google drive categories new feature

You can then select one or multiple categories depending on the content of the file and navigate back to the home screen of the app. You can assign and remove categories to any file in a similar way as many times as you want. To find that particular file whenever you need, you can type the assigned category in the search bar of the Google Drive app to get all the files of that category.

Official Announcement?

According to TheSpAndroid, this code was spotted in the Google Drive app in January 2024. Although it was found on Android, considering previous features rollout, it’ll be first made available to iOS and web version users. Anyway, We will have to wait for a month or two for the official statement from the company regarding the feature addition. After that, it’ll be made available to the iOS and Web versions. It’ll take one more month or two for the feature to be rolled out to Android.

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