Top 5 New Android Apps For July 2024

The Google Play Store hosts new Android apps every month. This month is no exception. Although I haven’t found many exciting apps, I have come across five new Android apps for July 2024 that every Android user must try. After going through hundreds of newly released apps on the Play Store, I have shortlisted these five apps based on their functionality and use case. Read ahead to know more about them.

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Top 5 New Android Apps For July 2024 

1. SoundTap

Soundtap screenshots

SoundTap is an amazing app that lets you skip music tracks by pressing volume buttons. I know a few apps let you do that, but SoundTap is completely free to use and open-source. You can create customized button sequences for 7 different actions to control the music playback on all music players while using any app. The actions include skipping to the next and previous tracks, stopping and pausing, forwarding, and rewinding. Simply allow the required permissions, set your preferred actions, and control the music without unlocking your phone.

2. SD Maid 2

SD maid 2 screenshots

We know that SD Maid is a popular and the best cleaner app for Android to keep our phones clean and tidy. The same developer recently released a successor to the OG SD Maid with a better interface and optimized for the latest versions of Android. It offers all the functions as its previous version such as cleaning junk files of removed apps, cleaning system files, detecting and cleaning unused apps, deleting duplicate files, monitoring usage and activities, analyzing storage, and more. The app is ad-free, easy to use and it’s partially free. The free version is enough to keep your phone in its best condition unless you’re a power user. So get it, It’s a must-have Android app.

3. IYPS (Is Your Password Safe)

IYPS screenshots

Strong passwords are a must in this digital era to protect our personal data and online accounts. But most of us use weak passwords thinking they are good enough only to feel sorry about it when someone accesses our data out of nowhere. So, if you don’t want that to happen to you, get this open-source app to know whether your password is safe enough or not. Simply type in the password to let the app evaluate it to know how easy it is to crack it. If it’s not strong enough, add a few more characters following the suggestions of the app, or generate a new password with a click. It’s purposeful and easy to use.

4. Infinite Craft

Infinite craft screenshots

Infinite Craft is a simple but amazing crafting game to play when you are bored. It’s an endless crafting game where you need to drag and drop different elements over one another to form new ones. You get 4 basic elements to begin with. You can have up to 100 million different combinations to form various elements according to the developer of the game. The game’s concept is simple and easy to play but gets a bit challenging as the number of elements increases. So, get it if you have a lot of free time on your hands.

5. Microsoft Designer

Microsoft designer screenshots

Microsoft Designer is a brand-new AI app from Microsoft to generate and edit images in seconds. Similar to other AI generation apps, you can simply type in the prompt and generate images of your imagination. Unlike other AI apps, this one lets you create three more categories of images such as stickers, custom designs, and wallpapers. You can also edit your photos in the app with the background eraser and background blur tools. Also, you can create images of your desired dimensions with the app.

The generated images are free to download and can be found in the history section of the app. You get 5GB of free cloud storage to save your creations. You can buy more storage if you want to.

Wrapping Up

So those are the best new Android Apps to try in July 2024. I hope you found some of them cool if not all. Try them and let me know your thoughts in the comments. If you have any cool new app suggestions, leave them in the comments. I will try and feature them in the next post if they are good enough. Thanks for reading, see you soon.

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