Upcoming Instagram Meta AI New Features!

Instagram, the famous social media platform is always trying to revamp/introduce new features for better user experience. We know that Instagram announced the integration of Meta AI into its platform a few months ago. Although it’s not available in all countries, Instagram is now trying to improvise the Meta AI with many additional features for a better user experience. We will soon be able to use our voice with Meta AI, create a custom AI friend, and also our AI self for Instagram stories. In this post, we take a rundown on the upcoming Meta AI features of Instagram.

Instagram Meta AI New Features

1. Voice Inputs to Meta AI

Voice input on Instagram Meta AI

    We all know that Meta, the parent company of Instagram introduced Meta AI to its social media platforms including WhatsApp and Facebook. Although it’s still unavailable in some countries, Instagram is testing the ability to use our voice with the Meta AI to search for anything on Instagram. It’ll work similar to the Meta AI on WhatsApp. It’ll respond to your queries as you speak to it. You can have a normal conversation or ask queries similar to the existing AI assistants on other platforms.

    The feature is not even in the testing stage officially. So, there’s no official announcement on the release date of it. While the Meta AI feature is still unavailable in many countries, we’ll have to wait even longer to get this feature it seems.

    2. Custom AI on Instagram

    Instagram will also get its native chatbot or Custom AI friend for all users similar to the Snapchat chatbot. But, Instagram will allow us to finetune the chatbot to our needs and preferences. In short, we will be allowed to create our version of AI with this feature. We can choose the avatar, favorite topics, interests, gender, ethnicity, age range, personality, and more to personalize the AI friend to our preference.

    Instagram custom AI feature
    Credits: Alessandro Paluzzi – X Profile

    This feature was spotted by a reverse engineer and reliable leaker Alessandro Paluzzi. According to the screenshots he posted on his X profile, Instagram users will be able to create their version of an AI chatbot who they can chat with whenever they want. This feature has also been in the testing stage since October 2023. They’ve been testing and improvising this feature for a while now. It’s unknown when the feature will be available for users worldwide.

    3. Imagine Me for Instagram Stories

    Instagram Imagine me AI feature
    Credits: Adwaith Varma – X Profile

    In the process of making the most out of AI, Instagram is testing yet another AI feature on its platform. This feature was spotted by an app researcher and analyst Adwaith Varma. According to the screenshots he posted on his X profile, the feature will allow us to generate AI images of ourselves in different backgrounds. The AI will analyze our images (Freshly captured/Old images), imagine us as anything, and generate our pictures with any background according to the prompts given by us. The resulting images can be posted to the Instagram stories and will tagged as “Created by AI” to let other users differentiate them from real images.

    Wrapping UP

    Well, those are some of the upcoming/new additional features of the Instagram Meta AI. These features are not even in the official testing stage, so we’ll have to wait for that announcement. Then, the feature will be available for the beta users. And then the regular users across the globe will get to use these features, hopefully.

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