Top 7 New Best Android Apps March 2024

Google Play Store features new Android apps every month, but keeping track of them is tough. That’s why I chose to work hard and filter out the best Android apps out of those new Android apps to help you enhance your Android experience. In this post, we’ll learn about the top 7 new best Android apps March 2024.

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Top 7 New Best Android Apps March 2024

App NameSizeRatingPrice
PW Learn OS Launcher34 MB3.5★ (50,000+ downloads)Free.
Assistant for Android708 KB3.9★ (1,00,000+ downloads)Free.
CircleDient Icon Pack48 MB3.8★ (500+ downloads)Free at the time of writing this post. (1.49$)
Equalizer Bass booster2.5 MB4.6★ (10,000+ downloads)Free.
Downdetector6 MB3.6★ (5,00,000+ downloads)Free.
Ambiance by Fabulous100 MB4.8★ (10,000+ downloads)Free.
Signal Detector8 MB4.0★ (5,00,000+ downloads)Free.

1. PW Learn OS Launcher

PW LearnOS Launcher screenshots

Kicking off the list with an Android launcher, which is a minimal, productive launcher for Android that helps you focus on your tasks by locking away distractions for a specific period. This comes in handy for you if you keep getting distracted by social media and notifications on your phone. By double-tapping on the home screen, you can enter tapasya mode.

Then set a goal for the session, set the duration or time interval to focus, and voice record your pledge. Now you can either let the app lock all apps except a few default apps or you can choose a few important apps to be unlocked depending on your needs. Once you decide that and start the tapasya mode, you won’t be able to access the rest of the apps until and unless the duration is complete or you exit the mode manually. You can even have a profile and personalize it and track your progress to keep yourself motivated.

But for that, you have to let the app know your phone number. If you don’t want to give your number, use the focus mode without the privilege of tracking the progress and profile settings. In addition, the launcher follows the material you theme and comes with a few customization options including widget support, icon pack support, etc.

2. Assistant for Android

Assistant for Android screenshots

Assistant for Android is such a simple but very useful app for every Android smartphone user. It’s a tiny app filled with a bunch of useful features. It shows the usage of your processor, your phone’s temperature, battery usage, the status of your storage, and other system info. It’s not only limited to showing info, but also allows you to clear the cache of all apps at once, clear all junk files at once, and also lets you kill all background running apps at once with a single click. Also, you can batch install and uninstall apps with this app. And you get all these features under just 1 MB. So, give it a shot.

3. CircleDient Icon Pack

CircleDient screenshots

If you are an Android customization enthusiast, you will love this colorful Icon Pack. As the name suggests, CircleDient icons are circular with multiple gradient colors. You get more than 7500 icons of high quality with over 100 matching cloud wallpapers. The icons are bright and colorful, so they go well with almost all kinds of wallpapers. I’ve got the pack for free when it’s on sale. So, get it if it’s still available for free.

4. Equalizer – Bass Booster

Equalizer bass booster screenshots

The next app on The list is an ad-free system-wide equalizer and volume booster. Using the app is super easy. Simply launch the app, enable it, choose a ready-made volume preset, or customize it to your taste and elevate the audio listening experience on your device just like that. You get a few more options such as Bass boost, loudness adjuster, reverb settings, and audio balance.

Set them all to your preference and have the best quality audio on everything you play on your device. Be it any music file on any app, be it a YouTube video or anything. You can disable it at any time if you want. It’s easy to use, does what it says, and is free.

5. Downdetector

Downdetector screenshots

The next one is Downdetector, a unique app that lets you monitor the uptime status of about 12,000 popular services in more than 45 countries. This comes in handy when you want to know if the trouble you are having with a service is on your end or theirs. The services include popular mobile networks, TV networks, popular websites and apps such as WhatsApp, Instagram, banking networks, Google services, and many more. Simply search for a service manually and tap it to know the outage report of that particular service. These reports are real-time user reports from multiple sources.

6. Ambiance by Fabulous

Ambiance by Fabulous screenshots

Ambiance by Fabulous is an ad-free mental well-being app that helps you relieve stress and focus with ambient sounds. The app has a wide range of sounds for various purposes and all are free to use. There are sounds for relaxation, better sleep, focus, stress relief, and more. Simply, tap on the sound of your choice to download and play to relax and become productive.

7. Signal Detector

Signal Detector screenshots

Signal Detector is such an informative app that lets you measure the Signal strength of almost all types of signals such as your mobile network, wifi, Bluetooth, GPS, magnetic field, and many more with a single tap. You can also know the Signal strength of each sensor your phone has. It gives a lot more deeper technical information than you probably need which is a good thing. The interface is user-friendly and the app is great overall.

Wrapping Up

Well, those are the best Android apps for March 2024. I hope you’ve found the post informative and give some of these apps a try if not all. Meanwhile, comment down any app that deserves to be featured in the list. Thanks for reading.

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