5 New Best Offline Turn-based RPG Games for Android!

While Android gaming is dominated by a few popular online games that require a constant internet connection, finding moments to escape into a captivating offline gaming experience can be a true delight. Especially when you are out of network coverage area or when you are on a long commute. Offline turn-based RPG games offer the perfect blend of strategy, storytelling, and nostalgia, allowing you to immerse yourself in epic adventures without the need for a constant internet connection. If you’re a fan of offline gaming, here are some of the new best turn-based RPG games for Android that promise hours of thrilling gameplay for free on your Android device. 

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Best Offline Turn-based RPG Games

Game TitleSizeRatingPrice
Nexomon0.99 GB4.0★ (10,00,000+ downloads)Free with in-app purchases.
Botworld Adventure 313 MB4.5★ (50,00,000+ downloads)Free with in-app purchases.
Epic Battle Fantasy 5148 MB4.9★ (5,00,000+ downloads)Free with in-app purchases.
Ritual: Spellcasting RPG25 MB4.1★ (5,00,000+ downloads)Free with in-app purchases.
Vendir: Plague of Lies332 MB4.2★ (5,00,000+ downloads)Free with in-app purchases.

1. Nexomon

Nexomon offline RPG game screenshot

Nexomon is one of the best epic offline turn-based RPG games for Android. Not only does the title sound similar to Pokémon but also has a similar concept – Catching Nexomons, training them, and using them to fight enemies. The backstory of the game starts with an evil monster from up above trying to destroy humankind and take over the earth with its team of Nexomons. However, over the years of a long war, humans learn the art of taming Nexomons, using them against their own monster master.

In The game, you play as a young boy/girl whose ultimate objective is to save his/her friends from enemies with the help of the Nexomons you collect. Similar to Pokémon, you can catch over 300 Nexomons, train them, and use them to fight against the Nexomons of enemies. Overall, the gameplay is nice, game graphics/animations are neat. However, I feel the controls are not great enough.

2. Botworld Adventure

Botworld Adventure offline RPG game screenshot

Botworld is a huge, beautiful, and diverse world that you can explore as you venture out to collect rare scrap and discover new bots. You get the option to choose your character from 4 species (Cats, Dogs, Buffaloes, and Lizards) and customize it at the beginning of the game. As you begin exploring the vast open world, you will meet friendly bots and enemy bots.

Your objective Is to collect and upgrade friendly bots with unique skills to defeat enemy bots. The overall gameplay play is great, the graphics are rich and the controls are very smooth. You can either use the joystick or tap somewhere on the screen to move your character. On the whole, it’s one of the best offline turn-based RPG games for Android that you shouldn’t miss out on.

3. Epic Battle Fantasy 5: RPG

Epic Battle Fantasy 5 Offline RPG game screenshot

Epic Battle Fantasy is similar to Nexomons with better controls, dialogues, and game mechanics. The story and the character development are top-notch. It is an offline RPG game featuring humor, strategy, and cute art. The objective of the game is to destroy enemies with your team of five heroes embarking on an adventurous journey. A few levels require you to fight your enemies with multiple unique skills, and a few levels require you to be smart enough to solve the puzzles to grab treasures.

As you progress through the game, the skills of the characters will be upgraded with powerful skills and equipment. And you can capture foes and summon them when you need help in battles. Overall, the gameplay is nice, graphics are neat. You get 30 hours of gameplay for free, plus a lot of dungeons and challenges, which can be purchased.

4. Ritual: Spellcasting RPG

Ritual spellcasting RPG offline game screenshot

Ritual is a cool offline turn-based RPG game for Android where you possess the ability of magic. Your objective Is to cut through crowds in endless dance and dagger. Enemies will keep coming from all sides of the arena, you’ll have to reach them and attack/cast your spell on them to kill them all. The spells will be upgraded as you progress through the game, and also you’ll be able to use various powerful spell combinations. The controls of the game are easy to use.

The whole left half of the screen works as the character movement control pad, and the right half of the screen is to attack/cast spells. Everything about the game is so cool – The graphics, the sound, the visual effects. So give it a try if you like to experience turn-based RPG games with great visuals.

5. Vendir: Plague of Lies

Vendir plague of lies offline RPG game screenshot

Vendir: Plague of Lies is an epic story and turn-based RPG game. The story starts with the once-great kingdom Vendir is now under the tyrant king Elrik who rules with an iron fist. The secret to ending the tyrant’s rule is known to an ancient prophet. Discovering the ancient prophecy is the job of two siblings. To find the prophecy, the siblings have to make their way from one end of the kingdom to the other end overcoming all the hurdles, including King Elrik’s soldiers.

There’s not just fights on the way of your journey but also looting and you get to meet a lot of people on the way to the other end of the kingdom. Overall, it’s an old-school type, fine story-based RPG game with decent graphics and decent controls.

Wrapping Up

Whether you are a seasoned RPG veteran or a newcomer to the genre, these offline turn-based RPG games for Android offer a diverse range of experiences. Don’t bother about the internet connection, immerse yourself in these captivating adventures, and let the strategic gameplay and compelling stories transport you to new realms.

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