Top 7 Best Android Apps June 2024

The Google Play Store features tons of new Android apps every month. But to an average  Android user, finding the best Android apps from such a huge pool of apps is overwhelming. That is why I’ve been writing about the best Android apps every month to keep you informed about the best new Android apps from time to time. In this post, you’ll know about some of the best Android apps to download in June 2024.

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Best Android Apps June 2024

1. Beeper: Universal Chat

Beeper universal chat app screenshots

Beeper is an amazing app that brings all your social media inboxes to one place. You can access the inbox of multiple social media platforms here in the app comfortably. The app lets you not only read messages but also reply to chats on multiple platforms including, WhatsApp, Instagram, Messenger, Telegram, Discord, and more. As you can see, Chat heads have their respective social media icons to distinguish them from other platforms. You can also filter them by tapping on the search bar.

To use the app, you need to sign up with your email and give the app access to the chatting platforms you want by signing in with the credentials. Setting up the app is easy and so is using the app. You can further finetune the inboxes to your preference by muting them, auto-downloading the media, etc. So, get it if you use multiple chatting platforms to access all of them in one place.

2. Captions: For Talking Videos

Captions for talking videos app screenshots

Captions is an incredible app that helps you add captions and subtitles to your videos automatically in more than 28 languages with incredible accuracy. You simply upload the video, let the app process it to recognize the language, and add the captions and subtitles automatically within minutes depending on the length of your video. The subtitles can also be customized. You can place them anywhere on the video, change their color, and also use dozens of ready-made presets to your taste. Once you are satisfied, you can export the resulting video to your device for free. So, get it if you want to create captions for talking videos easily.

3. OpenLauncher

OpenLauncher screenshots

OpenLauncher is as the name suggests, it’s an open-source Android launcher that prioritizes minimalism with easy access and essential features. The home screen shows nothing but a date widget and a search button to search for installed apps. Swiping up on the invisible dock or tapping on the app drawer button brings up the app drawer. The specialty of the launcher is this mini sidebar that can be accessed by swiping on the left edge of the screen. It is to perform a few actions quickly such as changing the volume mode, changing the wallpaper, locking the phone, accessing settings, launching the camera, and more.

You can configure the minibar to your preference in the launcher’s settings. You can also customize the dock layout, app drawer style, theme color, change icon packs, and more. Also, the launcher supports gestures. You can set different actions or different apps to launch for these five gestures. So give it a try if it’s your type.

4. Copy (Text & Screenshots)

Copy app screenshots

I know most of the phones these days can copy text from images by default, but it’s not possible to copy text from a few apps. For instance, YouTube. You cannot copy text from the YouTube app on Android. In such cases, try this app to copy text from pretty much anywhere. All you need to do is, launch the app, give notification permission, set the app as the default assistant, and you are good to go.

Whenever you want to copy text on any app, launch the assistant by long pressing the home button. As soon as you launch the app, all the text on the screen will be highlighted. Tap on the text you want to copy to the clipboard. You can also swipe up to see all text, and manually copy the text you want. Also, you can share the image to any app. It’s as simple as that.

5. Anytype: Private Notes

Anytype private notes app screenshots

Anytype is the only open-source app you need for all your productivity needs such as Note taking, task management, managing your projects, documents, bookmarks, and many more. You can pretty much add anything, group them up, and arrange them in the order you prefer for easy access. Initially, it might take a while to get used to the app, but it’ll be worth it once you get used to it. Even I haven’t figured it out completely yet. But so far, so good. The app boasts a handful of features to easily organize and manage your life digitally. It’s private, syncs across devices, and is completely free to use.

6. 3D-3D Icon Pack

3d 3d iconpack screenshots

The 3D-3D icon pack is as the title says, the icons are uniquely 3 dimensional and colorful making your phone stand out effortlessly. The slight tilt of the round-shaped icons with subtle shadows at the bottom adds depth and makes them look popping off the screen. You get more than 2700 high-quality icons with masking, so you don’t have to worry about missing icons. With a suitable wallpaper, these icons could enhance your home screen in a snap. So, get it, It’s free.

7. Boxes: Lost Fragments

I usually don’t bring games into the Top App videos, but this one has to be mentioned because of how good it is. I accidentally came across this beautiful puzzle game that challenges you to escape the lavish mansion. Your goal is to collect various objects, use them to finish the corresponding puzzles, and escape the mansion. The concept is simple, but the graphics and sound effects are great. If you have a thing for puzzle games, try this one out. The first ten levels are free to play.

Wrapping Up

Those are some of the best Android apps to download in June 2024. Most of these apps are new releases. So, try some of them if not all, and let me know your thoughts on them. If you’ve come across some new Android apps that are special, feel free to let me know about them in the comments. If they are good enough, I will try them and feature them in the next post. Thanks for reading, see you in the next one.

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