How Screen Record on Restricted Apps on Android Without Root?

Screen recording on Android is easy, but a few apps restrict us from screen recording them for security and privacy concerns. Apps usually implement these measures to protect user data and content. When you try to screen record on restricted apps, you either get a black screen on the recording or you don’t even get to start the recording in the first place. However, you can screen record on restricted apps on Android easily with a few methods. In this post, I’ll show you one of the easiest ways to bypass those restrictions without rooting your phone.

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How to Screen Record on Restricted Apps on Android

Having mentioned that you don’t have to root your phone to screen record on restricted apps, but you need to download three apps. They are Shizuku, LS Patch, and Xposed disable flag secure module. Download them from their respective download links and install them on your phone.

Keep in mind that Disable Flag Secure is not an app but a module, so you won’t be able to launch it as an app after installing it. After installing both of them, it’s time to set up Shizuku because we need it to run the LS Patch app without rooting our phones. Shizuku lets you use the system APIs directly without rooting your phone.

How to Setup Shizuku?

After installing Shizuku from the Play Store, launch it, allow the required permissions, and enable the developer options on your device. 

how to setup Shizuku without a PC

  • Launch the Shizuku app, and tap on pairing, tap on developer options. 
  • Now find the wireless debugging option and enable it. 
  • Tap the “wireless debugging” option to open additional options, and click on the “pair device with the pairing code” option. 
Pairing device with pairing code using Shizuku

  • Type this pairing code in the notification that says pairing service found. After this, you should see the “pairing successful” message. 
How to start Shizuku

  • After that, go back to the Shizuku app and hit start. Let it run its code and return to the home screen automatically. 
  • After all this, you should see the “Shizuku is running” message at the top in the Shizuku app.
Enabling LS Patch on Shizuku

  • Now to enable the LS patch, go to the Authorized Apps menu, and enable it. 

That concludes the Shizuku setup. 

How to Patch The Screen Record Restricted App With LS Patch

Now, you need to embed the Disable flag secure module and patch those restricted apps to be able to screen record them. 

  • To do that, launch the LS Patch app and make sure it says “Shizuku service is available”. If it says otherwise, tap on the service unavailable message or relaunch the app. 
LS Patch app's interface overview

  • Now, navigate to the Manage tab which is on the left of the home button. 
  • You’ll see nothing here if it’s your first time using this app. 
  • In the modules section, you should see the Disable Flag secure module. It’s crucial. 
  • You should see this here once you install the Disable flag secure apk that’s downloaded earlier.
Giving storage access to LS Patch

  • After that, click the plus button, click OK, and choose a folder or create a new folder to store the patched apks for your convenience. I prefer a separate folder for better organization.
Choosing an app to patch on LS Patch

  • Then click the plus button again, and choose one of the two options. If you have the apk of the app you want to screen record on, pick the first option and choose the apk from your storage. If you have the app already installed on your phone, tap on the second option. I tapped on the second one and chose the app installed on my phone. For example, Disney plus Hotstar. 
Choosing an app to patch on LS Patch

  • After choosing the app, tap on the integrated option > embed modules > select an installed app > select the Disable Flag Secure module, and click OK. 
Finishing the patching process

  • Finally, check the override version code option and click the “Start patch” option. It’ll patch the app as soon as you click the start patch option.
Installing patched apps on LS Patch

  • After it’s done patching, tap on install, and then OK. Once you click the OK button, the old app and its data will be deleted, you’ll have to log in again. After the uninstallation, the app’s new version with the Disable Flag Secure module embedded will be installed automatically. The installation process takes about 1 to 2 minutes.
Screen record on restricted apps

Once it’s done installing, you can launch the app, log in with your details, and screenshot or screen record without any problem. You can follow this easy method to screen record on almost any restricted app without rooting your Android device.

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