7 New Best Android Apps For February 2024

Google Play Store features new Android apps every month, but it’s a tough task for an average user to find those new apps on the Play Store on their own. That’s why I plan to write a list of the best new Android apps every month to keep you updated with the latest apps for Android.  In this post, you will learn about the top 7 new best Android apps for February 2024.

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Best Android Apps For February 2024

1. Rewind: Music Time Travel

Rewind app screenshots

The first one of the best Android apps for February 2024 is a cool unique music app that lets you find popular music year-wise in the span of the last 5 decades. You can find which songs and albums were released on a given date. The app also lets you browse songs released in a specific year. You can time travel musically and discover songs you may have missed. But note that this is not a music streaming app, but a music discovery app. The app only plays a small 30-second preview of a song. You can then listen to the full song either on Spotify, YouTube Music, or Tidal by tapping on the corresponding buttons. 

2. HabitHero: Billionaire Habits

Habithero screenshots

If you aim to be more productive and successful in 2024, then give this app a try. It helps you build new habits, break bad habits, and track your daily progress for your betterment. The app lets you choose a few new habits of successful people and also a few bad habits you have that you want to break. You can then update them in the app daily and track the progress. The app’s interface is neat and simple, it’s very easy to use, it’s free and there are no ads in the app.

3. Timed Shutdown (No Root)

Timed shutdown screenshots

If your phone lacks a scheduling auto restart option, then get this app. It emulates manual gestures to power off or restart your phone without root access, so you can fall asleep in the night while listening to music without worries because this app will switch off your phone at scheduled times automatically. Setting up the app is pretty simple. The app automatically brings the power menu at a specified time, you simply have to let the app know the positions of the button or swipe gestures to your need.

For example, I need to click the power button 2 times to switch my phone off. So, I’ll have to let the app know the positions of the power button. Initially, the power button appears at the top. After the first click, it comes to the center of the screen. So it should be the second position. That’s it. Positions are set, now I’ll just have to set alarms or a timer to turn off my phone automatically. In the same way, you can set for swipe gestures as well. It’s a simple but purposeful app and works well.

4. AppDash: App Manager & Backup

Appdash screenshots

If you struggle to manage and organize the apps installed on your phone, you must try this app. It’s a neat app manager that makes it easy to manage apks and installed apps on your device. It automatically categorizes your apps by tagging them accordingly, shows you the usage time of apps, large apps, recently installed apps, unused apps, and network usage per app, and also can manage the permissions of any app right here in the app. In addition, you can analyze apks before installing them on your device through this app. It’s a neat app manager overall, so try it for free for a week, and see if it’s for you.

5. Notcha – Secondary Launcher

Notcha screenshots

This unique app launcher lets you access your favorite apps quickly by tapping on your phone’s notch. The app drawer can accommodate up to 10 apps. You can select the apps according to your usage in the app’s settings. In addition, you can select one of these gestures to launch the app drawer. Simply, allow the required permission, select the apps, and you are good to go. You can disable the app whenever you want.

6. Norton Genie: AI Scam Detector

Norton Genie screenshots

Online scams are an unfortunate reality in this digital world. Anyone can scam anyone easily with a simple text message or an email. That’s when this simple app comes into the picture. It’s an AI-powered scam detection tool that helps you identify online scams. It scans and reviews your text messages, emails, websites, and social posts trying to trick you. You can paste the link or the text you want to scan and let the app tell you whether it’s a potential scam or safe. You can upload texts, web links, and also images or screenshots and scan them easily. The app is easy to use and has potential, but it needs some work to be done.

7. Wallaxy – AI Wallpapers

Wallaxy app screenshots

The last one is an amazing wallpaper app that features some exclusive AI-generated wallpapers you won’t find anywhere else. I thought it’d be the same as other wallpaper apps, but it stands out from them with its sleek interface and nice animations. Of Course, the wallpapers are of unique designs and high quality. Along with phone wallpapers, the app also offers super HD wallpapers for your computer. All Wallpapers are free to download except the walls in the collection section. So give it a go.

Wrapping Up

Well, these were the best Android apps for February 2024. I hope you found the post informative and give some of these a try if not all. Meanwhile, if you think I missed any app, leave it in the comment section, and I will try it and feature it if it’s good enough. That’s it for this month, see you soon, Thanks for reading!

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