8 New Best Offline Games For Android in 2024!

In a world dominated by online connectivity, finding best offline games for your Android device can be a breath of fresh air. Whether you are on a long commute, in a remote area, or simply want to conserve data, having a selection of engaging offline games is essential. The Google Play Store hosts hundreds of new Android games every month. But it’s a tough task for an average gamer to filter out good games from such a huge bunch. That’s why I plan to occasionally write about the new best offline games for Android.

In this post, let’s explore some of the latest best offline games for Android that promise to deliver immersive experiences without needing an active internet connection.

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New Best Offline Games For Android 2024!

1. My Cruise

My cruise game screenshot

My Cruise is a ship simulation game where you manage, build, upgrade, and personalize your cruise ship and sail around the world. You can build everything on the ship from regular cabins, restaurants, and juice bars to movie theaters and toilets. Essentially making it the best cruise ship for the passengers on board. You can recruit passengers from different places, with different professions, habits, and needs.

Your job is to upgrade your ship according to their needs and provide them with the best service, open their dream vacation, and boost your reputation and income. The game can be played and enjoyed without an internet connection, but if you want to earn occasional rewards, you can do so by watching the in-game ads.

2. Lost Lands 9

Lost lands 9 game screenshot

Lost Lands is the 9th installment of the Lost Lands game series and it is one of the best offline games I have played of late. I haven’t played any of the games of Lost Lands before, but I’m familiar with the genre and have played similar games in the past. The game takes players on a puzzling adventure of the Lost Lands that’s equal parts amusing and challenging. The story begins with an unknown entity prowling the valley and destroying everything in its path. Then a group of friends take the matter into their hands and try to solve the mystery of the unknown villain.

You play as one of the friends to help the affected inhabitants of the Lost Lands and find the mysterious villain. As your adventurous journey progresses, you’ll have to find hidden objects, play mini-games, and solve puzzles to go ahead in the journey. Overall, the story is good, the animations are neat and the puzzles are challenging.

3. Flying Tank

Flying tank game screenshot

If you are a fan of old-school 2-dimensional shooting games, then you’ll love this game. The story of the game starts with aliens invading the Earth. Your objective Is to destroy their vehicles and weapons by shooting at them. The difficulty increases as you progress through the levels. Also, the variety of the tanks/weapons broadens as you progress in the game. The game mechanics is simple. You have your vehicle/Tank on the left side of your screen, tap the right side of your screen to shoot bullets.

The tank movement is controlled by swiping. Each gesture has a specific function during the gameplay. For instance, swiping down drops bombs, swiping right shoots special bombs, etc. The overall game art, graphics, music, and sound effects are well done. The game is partially free to play. So try a few levels for free and buy the full version if you like it.

4. Secrets of the NutCracker F2P

Secrets of the NutCracker game screenshot

This is another hidden objects finder plus puzzle and escape game that keeps you engaging and busy. The puzzles are not too easy/tough to solve, unlike other puzzle games that test your patience. The whole story makes the game even better with interesting mini-games and puzzles. The story starts with Marie trying to find her lost childhood friend Fritz. On her journey to find her friend, she has to find clues, solve puzzles, and handle angry mice and living toys.

You play as Marie goes through this adventurous journey trying to find her friend, godfather, and learn the secret of the NutCracker. So, try the game for free for a few levels and then buy the full version if you find it good enough. 

5. Zombotron Re-Boot

Zombotron reboot game screenshot

Zombotron Re-Boot is a remaster of the original Zombotron Flash games series with updated graphics, improved physics, and new rich effects. It’s a classic 2-dimensional walk/jump/punch style game. The game takes place in an abandoned world of Zombotron where you have to fight evil robots, and undead creatures, and find survivors to discover the mystery of the mysterious planet.

You can take the help of a wide range of weapons to destroy various enemies with unique abilities. If you played the original game back in the day, you’ll know how the game has improved in all ways. The overall gameplay is smooth and the graphics are nice. The only complaint from my side is that the positions of the buttons are fixed. It would have been better if we could change them to our comfort.

6. Soul Archer Skull – Roguelike (Early Access)

Soul Archer Skull game screenshot

Roguelike is a 3D shooting game with lovely art where you play as a princess Mononoke who fights with humans and wins for monsters. Your job is to move the character to the enemies and stop around them so the character can shoot them automatically until they are dead. As you progress in the game, you’ll meet different companions to fight together against various enemies. You also get various weapons and gears that can be upgraded to fight tough enemies and collect rewards. 

7. Shiftboy – Spikes & fuel

Shiftboy spikes and fuel game screenshot

Shiftboy is a 2D single-player runner arcade game where he runs at breakneck speed. Your job is to help him dodge the obstacles and overcome challenges with lightning-fast reflexes. The gameplay is simple. You just need to tap the screen for the character to jump. He not only jumps normally but also performs gravity-defying flips and stunts as you navigate through intricate levels. Your objective Is to help him dodge the obstacles as well as collect coins/power-ups. There are over 120 levels available in the game. Each level surprises you with different visuals,  obstacles, and abilities.

8. Car Makeover – Match & Custom (Early Access)

Car makeover game screenshot

If you are into car transformation, enhancement, and personalization, then you’ll like this cute game. You get over 50 brands of random vintage cars to customize them to your taste with available options. Everything can be done with simple tap and swipe gestures. To buy car parts, you need to spend stars which can be earned by playing a mini-game inside the main game. The mini-game resembles Candy Crush. Earn a star for each level you complete. It’s a fun game overall.

Wrapping Up

In a world where online connectivity often dictates gaming entertainment, these new best offline games for Android offer a refreshing change. Whether you’re into fantasy RPGs, simulation games, action games, or strategic battles, there’s a game for every preference. So, no matter where life takes you, these latest additions to the offline gaming scene ensure that your Android device is a portal to endless entertainment, even without an internet connection. Embrace the freedom to game anywhere and discover the joy of unplugged gaming on your Android device.

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