Best Android Apps for April 2024

The Google Play Store hosts new apps every month if not every week/day. Filtering the best Android apps from such a huge bunch is not easy for an average Android user. That is why I have been writing about the best Android apps every month. As with every other month, I found some fairly new Android apps for this month that help you enhance your Android user experience. Here are the best Android apps for April 2024.

Top 7 New Android Apps March 2024

Top 7 Best Android Apps for April 2024

App NameSizeRatingPrice
Themer – Themes for tg3 MB4.6★ (10,000+ downloads)Free.
Fake Notifications21 MB3.6★ (1,00,000+ downloads)Partially Free.
Liminal Icon Pack21 MB4.8★ (100+ downloads)Free with in-app purchases
Moye Productivity Launcher20 MBN/A★ (100+ downloads)Free.
Easy Slider – Edge Gestures3 MB4.4★ (10,000+ downloads)Free.
Simple Time Tracker15 MB4.8★ (1,00,000+ downloads)Free.
Video Summarizer32 MB4.8★ (50,000+ downloads)Free.

1. Themer – Themes for tg

Themes for tg screenshots

If you are a Telegram user and bored with the default appearance of the open-source messaging platform, you will love this app. Themer is an open-source tool that lets you create customized themes for Telegram for free. Creating and applying themes to Telegram is pretty easy. Launch the app, pick a color, and select the options you want. The preview of the theme can be seen below as you play with these options. Once satisfied with the new theme, click Create, share it to the Telegram app, click on the three dots of the shared theme file, and hit Apply. That’s it! You can create and apply as many themes as you want this way for free.

2. Fake Notifications

Fake notifications screenshots

This fun app lets you create fake notifications for whatever app you want. You can create fake notifications for any app, and schedule them to the time and date you want to receive. Creating the notifications is pretty simple. Launch the app, allow the required permissions, tap on the plus button, and choose the app you want to create the fake notification for. This shows the app icon when you receive the notification similar to the real notification.

Then type the title or name, type the message and other details, set the time and date with or without repetition, and save it. That’s it! you’ll receive the notification around the scheduled time automatically. You can use this to fool your friends and get out of your boring date or meeting. The free version lets you create fake notifications for up to 3 apps. So, try it and get the pro version if you like it.

3. Liminal Icon Pack

Liminal icon pack screenshots

Liminal is a brand new free icon pack that offers over 1300 white and green icons. The icons are shapeless, and basic in design yet look unique with the color mix and slight tilt to the left. Use it with appropriate wallpapers to transform your phone’s appearance in a snap.

4. Moye Productivity Launcher

Moye launcher screenshots

If you are looking for a clean, minimal productive Android launcher, then you must try this one. The launcher is so productive that it doesn’t even have an app drawer for you to launch random distracting apps. Swiping left on the screen lets you access the launcher settings, where you can configure the launcher to your preference. You can choose one of the 4 color shades for the launcher, hide the clock, hide apps, and pin your favorite apps.

You are allowed to pin up to 8 apps on the home screen and use the search bar to find other apps. The launcher also comes with a focus mode. To enter the focus mode, you need to type in the time you want to focus in the search bar and the app gives you an option, tapping on which you’ll enter the focus mode. The search bar can also perform basic math calculations similar to the Nova launcher, and instantly search on Google. It’s a neat launcher overall, but it still needs some work to be done.

5. Easy Slider – Edge Gestures

Easy slider edge gestures screenshots

Easy Slider is my top pick of the best Android apps for April 2024. It lets you easily adjust the volume and brightness of your phone without reaching out to the top of your huge phone screen. You can also launch your most used and favorite apps quickly with it. Configuring the app is pretty easy. After allowing all the required permissions, enable the app, set the primary and secondary gestures, and set the position and color of the bar to your preference and you are good to go. You can swipe on the configured bar on the edge of your screen up and down to adjust the brightness and volume easily.

If you slide inwards to the center of the screen, you can access the advanced slider. You can pin your favorite apps here to launch them quickly by hovering on them. The favorites list can be configured either in the app’s settings or by hovering on the pin symbol in the advanced slider. All this has to be performed with a continuous swipe gesture. It’s easy to use and works well for me. So, give it a shot, it’s free.

6. Simple Time Tracker

Simple time tracker screenshots

Sometimes, you need a simple app to keep track of the time you spend on different activities in a day. Simple Time Tracker does exactly that and it’s open-source. You launch the app, add an activity such as studying, working out, gaming, etc, and give it an icon and color to distinguish it from other activities. If you want, you can also set goals and reminders to get notified after the set duration. Once added, launch the app and tap on the activity before you perform it.

If you have a goal duration set beforehand, you’ll be notified that the time is up. If you have no goal set, then the app will keep counting the time taken for your task. It’s as simple as that. All the task history and time spent on them can be found on the app. The app is easy to use and comes with a lot of additional settings to customize the time tracking the way you want.

7. Video Summarizer

Video summarizer screenshots

Video Summarizer is a must-have app for you if you are a student. Using the app, you can summarize long educational videos on YouTube with a single click. Not only educational videos but any videos. Pick a video you want to summarize on YouTube and share the link with this app to get the summary of it written in the language of your choice. You can summarize videos in 13 languages in the app. It summarizes any video instantly, lets you copy the summarized text, and also share it with your friends.

Wrapping Up

Those are some of the best Android apps for April 2024. I hope you try some of these apps if not all. Meanwhile, let me know if I missed any app that’s worth mentioning in the post. I will try and feature it next time if it is good enough. Thanks for reading.

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