Top 6 Best Android Apps for December 2023

It’s that time of the month again when you search the internet for exciting new Android apps to enhance your Android experience. This month’s list covers apps that help you to be productive, discover new music, edit your videos for free, and more and I’m sure you’ll love this month’s best free Android apps. 

Google Play Store features hundreds of new Android apps every month, but it takes a lot of work for an average user to find the best Android apps from such a huge bunch of newly released apps on the Play Store on their own. That’s why we plan to write a list of the best Android apps every month to keep you updated with the latest apps for Android. In this post, you will learn about the top 6 best Android apps for December 2023.

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Best Android Apps For December 2023

1. SpotiSpy: See Friends’ Music

SpotiSpy app screenshots

SpotiSpy is an interesting app that lets you view your friend’s or anyone else’s listening habits on Spotify anonymously. Simply search for your friend’s profile on Spotify, copy their profile link, and paste it into the SpotiSpy app to see what they are currently listening to. That’s what it does, so use it if you want to spy on your friend’s Spotify activity.

2. Waterfox: Privacy Web Browser

Waterfox browser screenshots

You must be familiar with Waterfox Browser which is available for Windows and Mac. Now this open-source, privacy-friendly browser has made its way to Android, allowing mobile users to have one more option for privacy-based Android browsers. Unlike other browsers, it eliminates analytics, telemetry, and other unnecessary closed-source integrations, ensuring you have a private browsing experience. In short, it blocks online trackers and stops online shopping companies from profiling your browsing habits. Plus, the browser works against online censorship with encrypted DNS support. The browser is customizable to some extent, and it also supports add-ons so you can have an even better browsing experience. Overall, the browser is fast enough and privacy-friendly, so give it a shot.

3. Habit Tracker – HabitKit

Habit tracker app screenshots

I’ve used quite a handful of habit trackers, but this one is one of the best-looking of all. You can use the app to form new habits and break old bad habits. You can track your progress with beautiful multi-colored tile-based grid charts. You simply add a habit, give it a description, set goals and reminders, choose an icon and its color, and save the habit. The app then notifies you about the habit, so you can complete it and update it in the app. All of the progress can be tracked at a glance with this colorful chart. The free version allows up to 4 habits to be added, so try it and upgrade if you like it.

4. Showly: Track Shows & Movies

Showly app screenshots

With the availability of multiple streaming platforms, it gets a bit tough to track the progress of currently watched movies and shows. If you need help with that, then get this app. You can discover movies and shows by streaming platforms, genre, rating, etc, add your favorite movies to your watch list, and track the progress. Your list can be organized the way you want and the standout feature for me is the hide option that lets you hide the shows you are not interested in. Overall, the app is neat. But the free version has some limitations, So try it and see if it’s for you.

5. Rain

Rain app screenshots

Rain is one of the simple and neat weather apps out there that not only looks great but shows essential weather metrics such as UV-Index, humidity, wind speed, and many more details. Despite displaying so much weather information, it’s well organized and clutter-free, unlike its counterparts. Plus, you get detailed weather forecasts for up to 12 days ahead. You can add cities from around the world to have a look at their weather at a glance. The app is free to use with no ads at all. So, get it without fail.

6. CocoonWeaver: Audio notes

CocoonWeaver app screenshots

The last app in the list is an aesthetic audio notes app that transcribes everything you speak and saves it on your device locally for later reference. You simply tap on the Cocoon button and speak your thoughts, memories, ideas, notes, etc, and find them later on the app as an audio as well as a transcription. The app also allows you to edit the transcribed text if you spot any mistakes in it. You can also sort your notes as you prefer, export and back up them, and share them as text or audio. Overall, it’s easy to use and the interface is neat. So, try it and see if it suits your purpose. 

Wrapping up

Well, these were the best Android apps to try in December 2023. I hope you found the post informative and give some of these a try if not all. Meanwhile, if you think I missed any app, leave it in the comment section, and I will try it and feature it if it’s good enough. That’s it for this month, see you soon, Thanks for reading!

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