6 Unique Best Keyboard Apps for Android You Didn’t Know Existed!

6 Unique Best Keyboard Apps for Android You Didn’t Know Existed!

When it comes to Personalizing your Android device, one often overlooked aspect is the keyboard. The default keyboard on your Android device might get the job done, but why settle for an ordinary keyboard when you can have something extraordinary? Imagine having your Android beautifully customized with cool wallpapers, matching widgets, and icons, and when you pull up your keyboard, you see a pretty ordinary-looking one.

It doesn’t look well, right? That’s why in this blog post, we will explore some of the unique best keyboard apps for Android that you didn’t know existed. These unique, cool-looking keyboard apps not only enhance your typing experience but also add a touch of personality to your Android smartphone. All keyboard apps mentioned below are free to download for any Android device. 

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Best Unique Keyboard Apps For Android

1. TonDo Keyboard 

TonDo keyboard screenshots

TonDo is probably the most unique keyboard ever for Android I have used. You get 6 joystick circles instead of the usual QWERTY layout. Each circle has several letters on and around it. You’ll have to move the joystick toward the letters you want to type. It seems tough to master typing on this keyboard initially and it definitely may affect your typing speed but it’s a fun and unique way to type.

In addition, you get a controller that you can use to move your cursor to anywhere on the screen easily, you get emojis integrated, and there are also cut, copy, and paste buttons along with the clipboard option. Overall, it looks good and is working fine.

2. Thumb-Key

Thumb key keyboard app screenshot

Thumb-Key is one of the best keyboard apps for Android that is unique, privacy-conscious, and specifically made for your thumbs. It features a 3×3 grid layout and uses swipes for the less common letters. All you need to do is just swipe in the direction of the letter or symbol you want to type. It is designed for fast typing and is easy to get used to as it uses large keys with predictable positions to prevent your eyes from hunting and pecking for letters.

The keyboard is also customizable to some extent. You can change the theme color, adjust its position on the screen to your convenience, alter the size of the buttons, etc. The keyboard also supports a few languages as well. So try it if you are bored with the usual Android keyboards.

3. 1C Big Keyboard

1C big keyboard screenshots

1C Big Keyboard is the best choice for those who have difficulty typing on regular keyboard apps. It is for those who have fat fingers and whose vision is weak. Because this keyboard comes with fairly bigger buttons and allows users to use 100% of their phone screen with just a swipe up the screen.

Since the keys are big, they preserve your vision, reduce eye strain, and also reduce typos. The layout of this large keyboard for Android is easy to learn – it is a QWERTY keyboard smartly compressed into an extra large keyboard, which makes it ideal for large hands. This is probably the best keyboard app for senior citizens and for those who have weak vision and fat fingers.

4. Irregular Expressions 

Irregular expressions app screenshots

Irregular Expressions is a simple open-source keyboard app that allows you to type your text in 30 different fonts, so you can make your texting, social media posts, and articles more stylish and eye-catching. Simply select the style you want, and get the text being written in that style as you type. It’s as simple as that. The keyboard app is open-source as mentioned, which means it’s totally ad-free and completely free to download. 

5. Neon LED Keyboard

Neon led keyboard screenshots

Neon LED keyboard is one of the coolest looking best keyboard apps for Android that’s dark and appealing to the eye at the same time. The sparkling LED light effect is its uniqueness and it makes your device stand out for sure. It’s not just about the appearance but also the keyboard comes with essential features like swipe to type, advanced auto-correction, autosuggestion, multi-language support, and multiple key sound effects, etc. And of course, you can change the look of your keyboard with various available themes. I love using it especially when I am rocking a dark home screen setup.

6. Bobble Keyboard

Bobble keyboard screenshots

Bobble Keyboard is another unique keyboard app that has a lot more to offer along with looks. You get glide typing, auto-correction and suggestion, voice typing, tons of emojis and stickers, and more than 30 fonts that you can use to elevate your chatting experience all the way to the top.

One interesting feature I really like is this one called “pop text suggestion” which generates stickers for every word you type automatically. Be it any random word or a meaningless text. You can just type and send it as a sticker when you are texting. So, try it if you really wanna enhance your chatting experience for free.

Wrapping Up

In the world of Android, there’s no shortage of the best keyboard apps. The unique custom keyboard apps mentioned above cater to a wide range of preferences, from customization and prediction to gestures and aesthetics. Choosing the best keyboard app for you depends on your typing style, preferences, and the features that matter most to you. So, why settle for the default keyboard app when you can type in style with one of these fantastic alternatives? Try them out for free and elevate your Android typing experience to a whole new level.

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