WhatsApp’s New Update Brings WhatsApp Chat Filters to All Users!

Meta-owned WhatsApp is one of the best and most used messaging apps worldwide. With the exponentially increasing user base, Meta is always trying to introduce new useful features with frequent updates to WhatsApp to enhance the user experience. Although not all new features of WhatsApp are useful and liked by many, this new WhatsApp feature called “WhatsApp Chat Filters” seems pretty helpful.

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WhatsApp Chat Filters

With WhatsApp being a major platform for daily communication, leaving some messages unread is common. This is bound to happen if you are a heavy WhatsApp user and it is frustrating when you see the unread messages notification on the app icon but can’t find the unread messages in the app. This has happened to me quite a few times in the past. Thankfully, Meta is rolling out a useful feature called “WhatsApp Chat filters” in a new update that will help you filter your chats and organize them better for your convenience.

Usually, to find unread messages on WhatsApp, you have to scroll through the entire chat list. But this new Chat Filters feature allows you to find a certain category of conversations quickly without scrolling down your entire chats. The new WhatsApp update brings three Chat Filters – All, Unread, and Groups.

How to Access WhatsApp Chat Filters?

How to access WhatsApp Chat Filters

You don’t see these Chat Filters by default when you launch WhatsApp. You’ll have to swipe down the chat list once to reveal them. Then you can tap on each filter to only see the chats of that category.

For instance, tapping on the “All” filter shows the chats of all types. This is nothing but the default chat list.

Tapping on the “Unread” filter shows all the conversations with unread messages. It includes the messages you marked as unread and the unread messages on WhatsApp groups. This makes it easy to find which messages you haven’t responded to.

The “Groups” filter shows only the group chats and subgroups of communities (both read and unread). This makes it easy to find group chats. This comes in handy if you have many WhatsApp groups joined in.

These WhatsApp chat filters come in handy for heavy WhatsApp users who use it for their daily communication, and those who joined many WhatsApp groups and communities. The chat filters feature is being rolled out to all WhatsApp users already. If you haven’t received it yet, update your WhatsApp on the Google Play Store immediately. If you don’t have these filters even after updating it, wait for a few days.

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