Block Ads on Twitter: 3 Best Free Twitter Third Party Apps for Android

X formerly known as Twitter is a powerful social media platform for staying connected, sharing thoughts, and keeping up with the latest trends. However, the constant barrage of ads in your Twitter timeline can disrupt the seamless flow of tweets. Fortunately, there’s a solution – Twitter Third Party apps for Android that not only offer a streamlined interface but also allow you to block those sponsored ads on Twitter and enjoy a cleaner, more focused Twitter experience for free. In this post, we’ll explore the best free third-party apps for Android that offer an ad-free Twitter experience for Android devices.

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Note: To install apps from external sources, you have to enable downloads from “unknown sources”. To enable it, go to Settings > Security> Unknown sources and enable it. Then you will be able to install apps from external sources without issues. However, you need to make sure you are installing apps from trusted sources like F Droid, GitHub, apk mirror, etc., to avoid your phone getting viruses and malicious malware. 

Best Free Open-Source Twitter Third Party Apps for Android 

After Twitter’s API policy change, many Twitter third-party apps stopped offering their services for free. However, there are still a few open-source Twitter clients available for free. You can use them for an ad-free Twitter experience on Android devices.

1. Squawker 

Squawker app screenshots

This is one of the best free Twitter third party apps for Android that’s still working for free even after the API policy changes. It’s a new open-source X/Twitter client that lets you enjoy an ad-free X experience anonymously. The best part is that you don’t need a Twitter or X account to follow what’s going on on the platform. You can search for anyone, follow (subscribe) anyone, bookmark their tweets, save Twitter media (images/videos) to your device, see what’s trending worldwide, and many more without an X account. Of course, you can log in to your Twitter account on the app if you want.

The app’s appearance is also customizable with the available colors to your taste. And if you want, you can import all your subscriptions from your X account. Overall, it’s one simple and neat X client that you must try to have an ad-free Twitter experience for free.

2. Aerowitter

Aerowitter app screenshots

If you want to enhance your Twitter experience with no ads on your feed, then this open-source Twitter app is try-worthy. It’s an open-source Android Twitter client that offers all functions of Twitter in a somewhat similar interface to the official X app with no ads on your timeline. Similar to the official Twitter app, you can browse the whole platform without logging into your X account. But if you want to follow anyone on the platform or want to post something, then you have to log in with your X account. It’s free to log in and it’s safe to use. In addition, you can download all types of media you see on the platform to your device. 

3. Nitter

Nitter app screenshots

Nitter is yet another popular free open-source frontend for Twitter Android that you can use to have an ad-free Twitter experience for free. You can use the app even without a Twitter account. You can simply search for any username and check out their tweets, media, and stuff. The interface might not seem user-friendly, but it’s a great alternative if you want to be private on Twitter. Using Nitter, you can see just the photos and videos of any user, and also you can search for their specific tweets using the search feature. You can also filter the tweet search further by date, location, links, and media with various available filters.

Wrapping Up

Twitter ads can be a nuisance, disrupting the flow of your Twitter timeline and hindering your overall experience. Thankfully, multiple ways to block Twitter ads on your Android device exist. Whether you choose to tweak the settings within the Twitter app itself, install a third-party ad blocker like AdGuard, or opt for one of the above-shown Twitter third party apps with built-in ad-blocking capabilities, the choice is yours. By using these open-source Twitter clients, you can regain control over your Twitter feed, enjoy an ad-free experience, and focus on the content that matters most to you.

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