Why did my Android phone reset itself? And how to fix it?

When an Android phone reset itself suddenly without any apparent reason, it can be frustrating as smartphones have become an integral part of our lives allowing us to have seamless connections with our near and dear ones, storing our precious memories, and personal information, and serving as a lifeline to the digital world. 

All your data and digital connection to the world can be cut when your Android phone resets itself automatically. It could wipe out all your settings and personal data if you have no backup. In this post, we will know the possible reasons why your Android phone reset itself and discuss some preventive measures to avoid such incidents in the near future.

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Why did my Android phone reset itself?

1. Software glitches and Updates: 

One of the common reasons for an Android phone to reset itself is a software glitch. The complex nature of smartphones and the constant stream of software updates can sometimes lead to conflicts within the operating system. These conflicts may manifest as sudden restarts or complete system resets.

Additionally, during major software updates, the phone might need to perform a reset to ensure smooth installation and compatibility. So, the automatic phone resets while the software update is normal. However, if your phone resets automatically after the software update, then it’s a problem and the culprit is the new software update.

2. Overheating 

Overheating is another common factor that can trigger an automatic phone reset. Intensive phone usage, such as running resource-intensive apps, playing graphics-heavy games, or prolonged phone usage in hot environments, can cause the phone’s temperature to rise significantly. To protect itself from potential damage, the phone may automatically shut down and reset to cool down the internal components. 

3. Battery issues 

A faulty or deteriorating battery can also be responsible for random phone resets. If the battery cannot supply a stable amount of power to the device, it may cause sudden voltage drops or fluctuations leading to an unexpected reset. If your phone resets more when the battery is low, it could indicate a battery-related issue.

4. Malware or viruses 

While Android security measures have improved over the years, the risk of malware or viruses affecting smartphones still exists. If your phone has been infected by malicious software, it may exhibit unusual behavior, including frequent automatic resets. Malware can disrupt the normal functioning of the smartphone’s operating system leading to instability and unexpected resets.

5. Hardware problems

Hardware issues can sometimes be the culprit behind random phone resets. Common hardware problems that can cause resets include faulty power buttons, damaged internal components, or loose connections. Physical damage or exposure to moisture can also lead to erratic behavior and trigger unexpected resets.

Preventive methods to fix automatic phone resets

1. Keep your software up to date 

Regularly updating your Android phone’s software can help fix known bugs and vulnerabilities, reducing the chances of unexpected resets caused by software glitches. In rare cases, the source of the problem lies in the bugs in software updates. So, before updating your software, make sure it is safe to update the software. Lurk in relevant forums to know if there are bugs in the latest software update. Proceed to update it if it is safe. If not, wait for the next update.

2. Avoid overheating 

Give your phone breaks during resource-intensive tasks such as gaming and ensure proper ventilation (remove external protective phone cases if necessary). Avoid exposing your phone to direct sunlight or extreme temperatures for extended periods.

3. Monitor battery health 

If you notice recurring reset issues, consider having your battery tested or replaced by a professional. Avoid using counterfeit or low-quality batteries that can potentially cause damage. 

4. Install security software 

Protect your phone from malware and viruses by installing a reputable security app. Regularly scan your device for potential threats and avoid installing apps from untrusted sources. Prevention is better than cure, so don’t install apps and don’t access websites unless you are sure they are safe.

5. Handle with care 

Protect your phone from physical damage by using a protective case and avoiding exposure to moisture. Not only heat but also moisture can cause your device to malfunction. So treat the device gently to prevent loose connections and avoid exposing your device to moisture to prevent internal components from damage.


While it can be frustrating when an Android phone resets itself unexpectedly, understanding the potential reasons behind such incidents can help alleviate the concern. By following preventive methods like keeping the software up to date, monitoring battery health, and practicing good smartphone habits, you can minimize the chances of experiencing automatic random phone resets. 

Remember, if the issue persists or worsens it is advisable to seek professional help from authorized service centers to diagnose or resolve the problem effectively. And also you always better back up your data. So, whenever there’s a random phone reset, you can restore your data from the backup. 

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