Best New Mobile Games 2024 | Latest Android Games

Best New Mobile Games 2024 | Latest Android Games

The world of mobile gaming is an ever-evolving landscape, with developers constantly pushing the boundaries of creativity, graphics, and gameplay to deliver unforgettable experiences to gamers. With new mobile games being released on the Google Play Store every month, it could get overwhelming for gamers to find the best games among all the newly released games. That is why, In this blog post, we’ll dive into some of the best new Android Mobile games that are worth trying. From immersive RPGs to mind-bending puzzles, these games offer something for every type of gamer.

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New Android Games

1. DawnLands

Dawnlands game screenshot

Kicking off the list with an adventurous Open World survival and crafting game called Dawn Lands. This is a familiar genre to all of us and the game plays pretty much similar to the other games of the genre. You create your character, wander in the open world with your companion bird, collect items, build tools, craft weapons, and kill bad guys in your journey.

You can enjoy the game alone and also team up with up to 4 players online. The game has a nice blend of story, animations, artwork, and game mechanics, but the bugs make the game look rushed. The game has a lot of potential and will be a great game with some optimizations in the animations and graphics department. 

2. Nexus War: Civilization 

Nexus war civilization game

Nexus War civilization is pretty much similar to the previous game but happens in a futuristic apocalyptic world. It’s a city-builder game where you place buildings, upgrade them, and reap the benefits. And of course, the bad guys are mandatory as in every other apocalyptic game. You’ll have to collect heroes, upgrade them, and combat with your enemies.

It’s not manual combat, you can just pick your heroes, upgrade them, and let them fight the automated battle to their strengths to protect your city. Because of that, the game might get repetitive, so watch out for it. Overall, the graphics are decent, the controls are easy, and the game is okay if you prefer this genre. 

3. Lost in Play

Lost in play game screenshot

Out of all the new mobile games, this is one of my favorite games that I’ve played of late. It’s a journey through childhood imagination with thoughtfully crafted puzzles, colorful characters, and funny sounds. You play as a brother and sister duo on an adventure to find their way back home. The gameplay is linear and logical, and the animations and the controls are smooth. Everything about the game is perfect, except that you can only try 4 chapters for free. So, try it for free if puzzle and mystery games are your thing.

4. Shadow Legends: Action RPG

Shadow legends RPG action game screenshot

The next one is an offline game which is your usual shadow legends game with lots of hack and slash in the city of Aurora. It’s an Action RPG game, where you play as a fighter stickman and kill all the shadow enemies with your skills. Your weapon’s power and skills are upgradable as you go past each level. Also, you can play as fighters of different rankings, such as knights, assassins, guardians etcetera by collecting hundreds of weapons and armor. The game’s graphics are neat, the controls are decent and the overall gameplay is decent. 

5. Ship Simulator 

Ship Simulator game screenshot

Moving on to the next game, we have the Ship Simulator. It’s not your usual 3D ship Simulator, but a neat 2D Simulator with good water wave physics and animations. Your goal is to build a nuclear power plant in a deep province, where there’s no transport infrastructure to carry the required goods. The only way of transportation is by ship. So, you have to carefully load the required materials, and machinery, drive your ship through the challenging waves without damaging the ship and the cargo, and unload it at the destination.

As you pass each level, you’ll be able to upgrade your fleet and transport through difficult routes. The animations and graphics are neat, controls are working fine as well, So try this cool offline ship simulator for free. 

6. War Thunder Mobile 

War thunder mobile game screenshot

Next up we have War Thunder mobile, which is a strategy action war game. You get a lot of war vehicles in the game, such as war tanks, ships, and fighter planes, so you can enjoy fighting other players online on the land, in the air, and in the water with various war machines. And during the battle, you don’t have to rely entirely on your weaponry, as you can call for air support. And of course, you can buy hundreds of war vehicles and upgrade them as you progress in the game. Overall, the graphics are decent and the gameplay is fun, but it could have been a lot better if the controls were great.

7. Omega Strikers 

Omega strikers game screenshot

This is an interesting game that combines football and action. It’s a 3v3 game where you aim to smash your opponents and score goals. You can sling slimes, toss tofu, and rockets to smash your opponents out of the arena. You can choose your character from 15 plus available characters from the stylish group called Strikers. As you progress in the game, you’ll be able to unlock more characters, arenas, and powers to win over your opponents. The game offers a few modes, including rank matches, custom lobbies, and quick play. It’s overall a unique game and provides a distinct experience as you get to use tactics while trying to score goals in the arena.


The Android gaming landscape continues to evolve, offering an immersive array of new games that cater to a wide range of preferences. Whether you are a fan of RPGs, puzzles, Open World adventures, or strategic conquests, these best new mobile games / new Android games have something special to offer. So, fire up the Play Store, and dive into these captivating worlds that await your exploration.

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