Top 7 Best Android Apps September 2023

Top 7 Best Android Apps September 2023

Google Play Store features new Android apps every month, but it’s a tough task for an average user to find the best Android apps from the huge bunch of newly released apps on the Play Store on their own. That’s why I plan to write a list of the best Android apps every month to keep you updated with the latest apps for Android. In this post, you will learn about the top 7 best Android apps to try in September 2023.

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Best Android Apps September 2023

1. Pie Launcher 

Pie launcher

The first one in the list of the best Android apps September 2023 is a unique minimal Android launcher that uses a dynamic Pie app menu instead of a routine app list. You just need to tap and hold on to the home screen and swipe towards the app you want to launch. With a single tap on the home screen, you can bring up your app menu and search for the app you want to use. By long pressing on any app, you can add it to the Pie app menu for quick launch. That’s it! it offers nothing more. It’s a very simple and clutter-free launcher.

2. Amaze File Utilities 

Amaze file utilities

This is an incredible open-source file manager that makes managing and analyzing your phone’s internal storage easier than ever. It lets you easily analyze your storage for junk files and delete them all in a few taps. Also, the app smartly categorizes your images based on the image content. Such as memes, low light images, blurry images, group images etcetera, so you can find the images you are looking for easily. It also lets you organize your files the way you want like any other storage app.

Within the app, you can also see what apps are taking up more space in your storage and uninstall them from here as well if you want to. In addition, you get a built-in media player with all required features, and a document viewer, and the app lets you transfer data between devices through wifi p2p. Overall, the UI is appealing and intuitive with more than a handful of useful utilities. So get it, It’s free, open-source, and ad-free.

3. 6000 thoughts | AI Life Coach

6000 thoughts

This one is an AI life coach app, that helps you organize your unclear thoughts into coherent data helping you make a decision using that. You need to feed your thoughts into the app, and then the app asks you a few questions, letting you introspect your feelings about your thoughts until you figure it out. It summarizes your inputs and identifies causes and effects, highlights effective tools and solutions to help you become mentally stronger and grow. So, try it if you think you need help with your thoughts and decision-making. 

4. Launcher Ops

Launcher ops

This one’s for you if you try multiple Android launchers often. The app helps you identify fake or unsafe Android launchers by letting you dive deep into the launcher’s manifest and presents the information that may not be available to see from the Google Play Store listing or any app info viewer so that you can dodge that shady launcher.

Launcher Ops digs deep into permission usages, and live services, detects exposed activities, detects ads or micro-transactions, and lets you know how it feels about the Launcher App by grading it in detail. 

5. Otter: Transcribe Voice Notes


This AI app is an incredibly useful one that not only records the audio but also transcribes your conversations, meetings, lectures, etc. in real time with time stamps, So you can just hit the record button and focus on your meeting or lectures, as the app transcribes it in real-time without you having to do it manually. During the recording, the app also allows you to highlight key points if you want, for later reference.

The best part is that you’ll have both the audio recording and the transcription saved in the app. You can listen to the audio and also edit the transcription later if you want. And yeah you can share them with anyone from here, you can even import audio and video files for transcription. Overall, it’s a super useful AI app, but it’s free for a limited time only. So use it and upgrade if you like it. 

6. Track it Even if it is off

Track even if its off

This is an incredible mobile security app that helps you retrieve your phone if it is stolen. The first thing the thief would be doing after stealing your phone is switching it off, right? To stop them from doing that, this app creates a fake overlay of switch off, mobile data, airplane mode, Wi-Fi etcetera, So even if the thief shuts your phone down, it’ll keep running in the background since it’s a fake shutdown created by this app.

It’ll be on, but it won’t respond. After the fake shutdown, your phone goes into emergency mode and the current location, picture, and audio will be sent to the selected contacts, so you can retrieve your phone. To get it back to normal from a fake shutdown, you’ll just have to plug in your charger. It’s such a useful app, so try it.

7. The Phoenix project – Awaken

The phoenix project

This is an elegant free offline music player for Android that is open-source which means it’s completely ad-free. It follows the glass morphism design and it’s customizable to some extent as well. You can alter its blur, opacity, and shadow along with other subtle visual effects. If we talk about the features, it comes with lyric support, but it’s not working well as of now, You can create playlists, and the app makes your phone’s flashlight blink as a visualizer as you play the music.

By long pressing on any song, you can set any part of the song as a ringtone directly from here and it also lets you edit the song details. It doesn’t offer many features as compared to the popular music players, but if you are looking for a basic visually appealing ad-free music player, then give it a shot.

Wrapping up

Well, these were the best Android apps to try in September 2023. We hope you found the post informative and give some of these a try if not all. Meanwhile, if you think we missed any app, leave it in the comment section, and we will try it and feature it if it’s good enough. That’s it for this month, see you soon, Thanks for reading!

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