7 Incredible Android Tricks and Hacks 2023 you didn’t know about.

7 Incredible Android Tricks and Hacks 2023 you didn’t know about.

Android is one of the most widely used operating systems in the world with billions of active users. While most people are familiar with the basics of using Android, there are some lesser-known Android tricks and hacks that can enhance your Android user experience and make your life easier. In this post, we will explore the top 7 incredible Android tricks and hacks 2023 you never knew!

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1. Nova launcher hidden trick

The first Android trick comes in handy whenever you want to do some simple calculations on the go without accessing the calculator app. If you use the Nova launcher, you can simply pull up your keyboard on the home screen, and type your numbers with math symbols between them in the app search bar, to calculate instantly. 

Not just do basic calculations, it also works as a unit converter. You can just type any value with its unit alongside, and Nova predicts the unit you want to convert it to and shows the result. For instance, feet to meters, inches to centimeters, degrees to Fahrenheit, etc. 

That’s not it, it can also give you the values of simple trigonometric functions. It could come in handy, and I bet you didn’t know this Nova launcher easter egg all these years

2. Remove YouTube ads without YouTube Premium or any YouTube client

This android hack lets you remove the ever-lasting longer ads on YouTube without the need for YouTube Premium or any YouTube client. All you need to do is install this incredible app called Macrodroid which is an amazing Android automation app. 

Install and launch the app, go to templates, and search for YouTube ad blocker. Now just tap on it, then tap on this plus button and allow the required permissions for the app to take care of the long YouTube ads.

3. Clear the cache of all apps at once without using any third-party Cache cleaner 

To clear the cache on Android all at once, we use various apps such as cache cleaner or 1 tap cleaner. But we don’t need any third-party app to do that. You can clear the cache on Android all at once with just a click using the built-in file manager. 

For instance, if you are a Samsung user, you can just launch the default file manager, tap on analyze storage, and then scroll down to the app cache section which is under the recycle bin. Just tap on it, to see all your apps sorted by their cache data size.

Now you can either select all apps to clear the cache of all apps at once or select only the apps you want to clear the cache of and then click clear. It’s as simple as that and faster than any cache-cleaning app.

4. See and delete Google search history by date

Next android trick allows you to see all your browsing history by date. Doesn’t matter how old the date is. All you have to do is, open the Google app, tap on your account icon, tap on history, and then tap on this calendar button. 

Now you can select any date and year you want, and see the search history of both Chrome browser and Google app on that date. You can not just see, but also delete the history if you want. It’s an easy way to check and delete search history by date. Isn’t it?

5. Access blocked websites without using a VPN

It’s a well-known fact that we can access geo-blocked websites using any free VPN app. But if you don’t want to risk installing free shady VPN apps on your device, then use this incredible website to access location-blocked content from any country around the world. 

All you need to do is, go to this website, feed in the address of the blocked website over here, and access it just like that. For instance, TikTok is banned over here, but as you can see I’m still able to access the site.

It works on any browser and works for any website. It’s such a handy hack, so check it out.

6. Easy way to find new apps on the Play Store 

Now talking about the apps, it’s always a tough task to find newly released apps on the Play Store. But with this easy trick, you can find new apps on the Play Store easily. All you have to do is type “apps” or the app category in the search bar and filter the search results using the tags you see under the search bar. 

How to find new app releases on play store

Just tap on “new” to see only newly released apps on the PlayStore. It’s a handy way to find new app releases every month on the Play Store. 

7. New and easy way to add timestamps to YouTube comments 

The next one is YouTube’s latest feature that makes adding timestamps to your comments easier. All you have to do is, pause the video, type your comment at the exact moment of the video you want to comment on, then tap on this time icon to generate the timestamp of the moment, and hit enter. 

It’s that easy to add the timestamps to your YouTube comments now. Earlier you had to manually type the numbers and symbols. 


So these are just a few of the many Android tricks and hacks to get the most out of your Android device. By taking advantage of these tricks and hacks, you can customize your device, improve your productivity, and get more out of your Android experience. 

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