Samsung Keyboard Tips & Tricks and Hidden Features You Aren’t Using!

The keyboard is an essential aspect of our digital communication, and Samsung users are in for a treat with a plethora of tips, tricks, and hidden features that can elevate their typing experience. The Samsung keyboard is not only a highly customizable best-looking Android keyboard but also offers a handful of exclusive features that can enhance the typing experience. In this post, we’ll explore some lesser-known Samsung keyboard tips and tricks to empower users to make the most out of their devices.

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Samsung Keyboard Tips & Tricks

1. Precisely Delete Long Text

Delete text to the right of the cursor

Usually, to delete paragraphs, we need to long press the back button. But at times, holding the back button deletes the content we don’t intend to. To fight that, you can use this trick to delete the content that’s present on the right side of the cursor. Simply place the cursor before the text you want to delete, hold the shift button, and long-press the back button. Now, it won’t go past the content you want to delete and everything on the right side of the cursor will be deleted until you lift the finger.

2. Swipe to Delete Paragraphs

Swipe to Delete Paragraphs

You can use this trick if you don’t want to press and hold the back button to delete paragraphs. You can delete an entire paragraph by swiping with 2 fingers on the keyboard. Simply put 2 fingers at a time anywhere on the keyboard and swipe to the left. You can get the deleted paragraph back by swiping in the opposite direction. Do note that, it deletes an entire paragraph only when it’s written at a time, and it doesn’t work if the swipe-to-type option is enabled.

3. Precisely Select Any Part of The Big Text

Precisely select text

This is one of the most known Samsung keyboard tips that lets you use the spacebar as a trackpad to move the cursor anywhere you want. With a small twist to the same trick, you can select any part of the text easily. All you have to do is, long press the spacebar, and move the cursor to the text you want to select. Now without lifting the finger, with another finger, long press anywhere on the keyboard, keep on moving the cursor over the text you want to select, and release the finger when you are done selecting. It’s that simple. 

4. Samsung Keyboard Smart Search

Samsung Keyboard universal search button

The Samsung keyboard has a dedicated universal search button that you can use to search for stuff across your storage and the web. For instance, if I type the keyword car, I get the corresponding emojis, stickers, gifs, and contacts, and also I get the pictures in my gallery corresponding to it. This is handy when you want to attach or send images to anyone on any app. You can simply tap on the image to paste it. Also, you get the corresponding YouTube videos right here on the keyboard.

You can paste the link to the videos anywhere on your phone by tapping on them, and to play those videos on YouTube, you simply have to tap on the arrow at the extreme right. You can have the search button easily accessible by placing it above the keys in the toolbar by dragging and dropping it.

5. YouTube Integrated on Samsung Keyboard

Youtube integrated on Samsung keyboard

The keyboard also offers a separate shortcut for YouTube. You can use that If you want to search for videos across YouTube directly on your keyboard. All of the keyboard shortcuts/tools can be dragged and placed according to your accessibility right above the keys in the toolbar.

6. Extract Text Using The Samsung Keyboard

Extract text using samsung keyboard

One more useful feature of the Samsung keyboard is that it lets you extract text from images or documents, without having to launch the camera separately. Simply launch the keyboard on any app where you want to paste the extracted text. Now tap on three dots, find the extract text option, and tap on it. As soon as you tap on it, the camera will be launched on the keyboard. Now point it to the image or a document that you want to extract the text from and tap on the text you want to scan and copy. You can then paste the copied text anywhere on your device by tapping the paste button.


Samsung keyboard is more than just a tool for typing; it’s a versatile interface packed with features designed to streamline your digital communication. By unlocking these tips, tricks, and hidden features, users can elevate their typing experience and make the most out of their Samsung devices. Take the time to discover these functionalities and discover how they can enhance your daily Interactions in the digital realm.

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