8 INCREDIBLE New YouTube Android hidden features and Tricks

8 INCREDIBLE New YouTube Android hidden features and Tricks

Youtube has become a go-to platform for entertainment, education, and creative content. While many users are familiar with its basic features, Several are not aware of YouTube’s hidden features that YouTube has up its sleeves that can enhance your viewing experience on Android to a great extent. In this blog post, we look at 8 new YouTube Android hidden features and tricks that allow you to maximize your enjoyment and interaction with the platform. 

YouTube Android Hidden Features and Tricks 

1. Set YouTube as an Interactive live wallpaper

Until now, you must have played YouTube videos in the background and on floating windows. But you can now play YouTube videos directly on the home screen of any Android device as a live wallpaper. You can not only play but also interact with YouTube directly on your home screen as it responds when you swipe and touch your home screen.

To do that, All you need to do is, Install the app called Lively wallpapers-with websites from the Play Store, launch it, and search for anything on the inbuilt browser. Be it a website, YouTube, or any online game, and set it as the wallpaper. The live wallpaper is interactive as mentioned before, So it responds when you touch and swipe on the screen. It even comes with a few onscreen controls so you can navigate through the live web pages comfortably.

Setting up YouTube as an interactive live wallpaper 1

To be able to see the controls on the home screen, go back to the app, just tap on the plus button, and then tap the eye button. Now on the home screen, you can bring these controls up whenever you want. Using these controls, you can reload the web page, navigate back and to the home of any website, and scroll up and down, you can also lock these controls by tapping on the “hand” button if you want the live webpage to not respond when you touch it.

Setting up youtube as an Interactive live wallpaper 2

2. The YouTube channel’s profile icon is responsive: 

When you find an interesting video on your YouTube feed while scrolling, you generally want to watch the video and check out the channel for more content, Right? If your answer is yes, then you’d usually tap on the video, and then tap on the channel name to check the content. But you can save a click by tapping on the profile icon of any video on the home screen to directly open the channel’s content. 

YouTube channel's profile icon is responsive

3. Speed up (2x) YouTube videos by long pressing on them: 

The new YouTube update brought this very useful feature that allows you to play any YouTube video at 2x speed by just long pressing on the video. The video will be played at 2x speed until you lift the finger. This makes sure you skip the video without missing any moment of it.

Speed up YouTube videos by long pressing on them

4. Precise YouTube video seeking with the help of a video strip: 

For precise video seeking, you just need to put your finger on any part of the progress bar and swipe up, after which you get this video strip that clearly shows the preview of all the moments of the video. You can then move from one frame to the next second by second to find your favorite moment easily and precisely. 

Youtube video precise seeking

5. Filter YouTube search results: 

The next YouTube hidden feature lets you filter the YouTube search results. Usually, when you search for anything on YouTube, the results you get include the videos that you have already watched. If you don’t want to see watched videos in the search results, then you can tap the “Unwatched” button which removes previously watched videos from the results. Similarly, if you want to see only the recent uploads, you can do so by tapping the “recently uploaded” button. The filter even allows you to filter the results by the video duration. Depending on your search term, you even get a few subtopics that can be filtered for accurate YouTube search results.

Filter YouTube search results

6. Watch and Delete your entire YouTube history by date: 

The next fantastic YouTube feature lets you not only see and delete your YouTube search and watch history by date but also allows you to see your entire likes and comments history along with your every YouTube activity by date. To do that, launch the YouTube app, tap on your YouTube account icon, go to Settings, tap on “Manage all history” and then choose the Gmail account.

Watch and delete YouTube history by date 1

Right away, you can catch your entire YouTube search and watch history by date as you scroll up. To watch your YouTube search and watch history on any specific date, you just need to tap on the calendar button, type the date, and hit apply. Having mentioned that, you can see every YouTube activity of yours including your liked videos, comments, replies, and more by date and also you can either delete the entire YouTube history all at once with a click or delete it by date.

Watch and delete YouTube history by date 2

7. Watch age-restricted YouTube videos without a YouTube account: 

Using this incredible YouTube trick, you can watch age-restricted videos without logging into your YouTube account. You can watch them without any account on any browser. All you need to do is, delete “” in the URL, type “” and hit enter. Now you can not only watch the video, but also choose the resolution, adjust the speed, and read comments without logging in to your Google account.

Watch age restricted videos without signing into your YouTube account

8. Type your YouTube comments uniquely: 

This is one of the fun YouTube Android hidden features, that may be known to you already, using which you can type your YouTube comments in bold, italics, and strike-through formats. To make your YouTube comment strikethrough and stand out from others, you just need to add hyphens at the start and end of the sentence. Similarly, use underscores for italics and asterisk symbols to type your comment in bold.

Type YouTube comments in bold, italics and strike through formats


The above-mentioned YouTube hidden features and tricks on Android can significantly enhance your viewing experience, offering convenience, customization, and many more capabilities. By embracing these tricks and hidden features, you can make the most of your time spent on YouTube, enjoying your favorite videos with ease and personalization.

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