How to Remove the Install on More Devices Play Store Problem

For Android users, The excitement of discovering new apps or games on the Google Play Store sometimes can be dampened by an unexpected roadblock – the notorious “Install on More Devices” pop-up. This pop-up leaves users scratching their heads wondering why they cannot seamlessly download an app/game that is compatible with their device. If you are one of those users, read ahead to learn how to remove the “Install on more devices” error message on the Play Store.

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The Source of Confusion

Devices Compatibility Checks: The variety of modern devices makes it hard for app developers to make an app compatible with devices of all types. The “Install on More Devices” pop-up emerges when an app’s compatibility criteria aren’t met by the user’s device. It’s essentially a safety net implemented by developers to prevent users from encountering performance issues or glitches on devices that may not be adequately equipped. 

Why Does it Happen?

  • Diverse Android Ecosystem: The Android ecosystem is diverse, comprising a myriad of devices with varying display sizes, resolutions, processors, and. Android versions. 
  • Optimization Challenges: Developers face the challenge of optimizing their apps to function seamlessly across this diverse landscape, and sometimes certain devices may not meet the necessary criteria. 
  • Synced Accounts: If you have multiple Google accounts added to your device, you might see multiple devices associated with those accounts. You might be seeing those devices from different accounts. 
  • Virtual Devices: Some virtualization software or tools, like Android emulators on your computer, might also appear as a separate device on the Play Store of your Android device.
  • Multiple Installations: If you have the same Google account signed in on multiple devices, each device could show up separately on the Play Store, even if they are using the same Google account. 
  • Google Play Services Issues: Google Play Services misbehaves occasionally causing devices to be listed multiple times. The easiest way to resolve this issue is to clear the cache and data of the Google Play Services app.
  • Network Changes: Sometimes, changes in your network configuration, such as switching between different internet connections (Wi-Fi/Mobile Data) or changing IP addresses, can cause the Play Store to list your device multiple times.
  • Updates or Glitches: Software updates, including updates to the Play Store app itself, can sometimes cause temporary glitches that result in duplicate device listings.

How to Remove Install on More Devices Play Store Problem?

  • Restart Your Device: The first step to take whenever you face any error/glitch on your device is to restart your device. A simple restart sometimes resolves temporary issues including the notorious “Install on More Devices” problem.
  • Clear Cache and Data: If the problem persists, the immediate step to take after restarting your phone is to clear the cache and data of the Play Store. Go to your device’s settings > Apps > Google Play Store > Storage > Clear Cache and Data. Do the same for the Google Play Services app as well. Keep in mind that you might need to sign back into your Google account after clearing the cache and data.
How to clear cache and data of Google play store

  • Remove Unnecessary Accounts: If you have multiple Google accounts on your device, consider signing out of unnecessary accounts and see if the problem is solved.
  • Remove Unnecessary Devices: If you have logged in on different devices with the same Google account, removing the unnecessary device from it might resolve the problem. To find out the connected devices and remove them from your Google account, launch the Play Store app > Tap on your account icon at the top right corner > Tap on Manage your Google account > Navigate to the security tab > Tap on the device you want to remove > Again tap on the device you want to remove > Tap on the “Sign out” option.
How to remove added devices from play store

  • Update Apps: Make sure both the Google Play Store and Google Play Services are up-to-date. 

If none of the above can resolve the issue of “Install on More Devices”, you might want to contact Google Support for more specific assistance tailored to your situation.


Although the “Install on More Devices” problem is not huge, it just dampens the seamless Installation of the apps/games on your Android device. By following the above-shown steps, you can get rid of it on any Android device.

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